Project Management Courses

The following courses are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Project Management Certificate. 

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January 2020

10 Project Quality Management PMC145 PMC145-SU12011

11 Strengthening Project Management PMC150 PMC150-SU12011

24 Project Monitoring and Control PMC155 PMC155-SU12011

February 2020

21 Project Management Technology PMC160 PMC160-SU12011

29 Project Management: Capstone PMC165 PMC165-SU12011

March 2020

20 Project Management Foundations PMC105 PMC105-SU12011

April 2020

3 Project Planning PMC110 PMC110-SU12011

17 Project Management: Team Perspectives PMC115 PMC115-SU12011

May 2020

1 Project Leadership, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making PMC120 PMC120-SU12041

22 Project Communication Management PMC125 PMC125-SU12041

23 Project Risk Management PMC130 PMC130-SU12041

June 2020

5 Project Procurement Management PMC135 PMC135-SU12041

6 Project Stakeholder Management PMC140 PMC140-SU12041

19 Project Quality Management PMC145 PMC145-SU12041

20 Strengthening Project Management PMC150 PMC150-SU12041

July 2020

3 Project Monitoring and Control PMC155 PMC155-SU12041

17 Project Management Technology PMC160 PMC160-SU12041

25 Project Management: Capstone PMC165 PMC165-SU12041