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Simon Fraser University’s Next-Generation Transportation Certificate is a unique online program that provides planners, engineers, policy makers and others with an understanding of where we need to be in the coming decade as our communities and professions embrace new ideas, technologies and opportunities in how we move and how we shape our environments.

While much of current transportation planning has its roots in the mid-20th century, particularly in United States, the Next-Generation Transportation curriculum explores not only the North American experience but how new ideas are being imported and exported globally. While based in an understanding of current practice, the program looks to the future, not only in North America but around the world.

Our instructors are leading practitioners in their field

Instructors are widely-respected transportation professionals, including:

There are also many others from North America and beyond.

Take one course or all four to earn the certificate

The program is comprised of four 12-week online courses. You can take the first course, Next-Generation Cities and Transportation starting on September 26 2016, before committing to the entire certificate. Each online course is easy-to-use, regardless of your technological savvy, and features many online discussion forums with a diverse mix of mid-career participants and facilitators, engaging live chats, and video presentations and readings.

We invite our American colleagues with diverse career backgrounds for an exchange of ideas, learnings and explorations of our mutual future.

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Simon Fraser University is ranked the #1 comprehensive university in Canada, according to MacLeans Magazine.

"Despite living in a city with one of the world’s best transportation systems, the insights gained through Next-Generation Transportation allow me to critically assess Vienna's transportation challenges and develop strategies to make this city even more livable and sustainable. By studying best practices and exchanging experiences with our diverse group of practitioners from around the world, I can enrich my transportation and urban development expertise with state-of-the-art tools and policies.... the format of this online program also makes it possible to have a flexible study schedule that fits my European full-time work schedule."
— Andreas Lindinger, Vienna

"The instructors and cohort are an incredible mixture of skill and experience...SFU's Next-Generation Transportation Program is essential to our futures."
—Brenda Crowe, Saskatoon Transit

"As a community planner, my primary focus is on how we handle infill development and infrastructure projects within existing neighbourhoods. I often struggle finding ways to implement many of the new forward-thinking goals found within our planning documents such as smart growth, new urbanism, and multi-modal. This certificate has been extremely beneficial to me in providing a great deal of very valuable learning, real-world examples of successful implementation of these concepts, and contacts with established planning and engineering professionals from across Canada and around the world."
—  A. Malcolm, Planner, City of Lethbridge, Alberta

"A high-value program for anyone looking to gain insights to the rapidly evolving elements that make up sustainable transportation practices and policies. Broad ranging course content with different subject matter experts each week. Add to this a student group that brings international perspective, sharing their examples of transportation and planning challenges and solutions. My role with the City of Surrey requires me to deal with my counterparts in transportation planning, traffic operations, and transit planning on a frequent basis. As someone with no formal engineering or planning background, the program has equipped me to understand their issues and relate to them with examples of best practices from multiple jurisdictions."
— Dave Harkness, Manager of Parking Services, City of Surrey