Urban Design Courses

The following courses are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Urban Design Certificate. 

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January 2021

28 Studio I: Analytic Tools URBD778 URBD778-SU12111

February 2021

24 Theory and Practice URBD780 URBD780-VA12111

26 Visual Communication URBD786 URBD786-VA12111

March 2021

17 Designing Integrated Neighbourhoods URBD783 URBD783-VA12111

19 Economic Fundamentals URBD785 URBD785-VA12111

April 2021

14 Ecological Planning and Sustainable Design URBD787 URBD787-VA12111

16 Implementation Methods URBD791 URBD791-VA12111

June 2021

3 Studio II: Synthesis of Urban Form URBD779 URBD779-12141

November 2021

19 Urban Vitalization URBD784 URBD784-VA12171