Liberal Arts and 55+ Program

Our Instructors

We invite you to browse this list of our instructors, whose expertise spans a wide variety of fields.

  • Douglas Abel

    Douglas Abel, PhD, LRAM, is an actor, director, writer, voice and dialect coach, theatre teacher... read more

  • Neil R. Abramson

    Neil R. Abramson, PhD, was a professor of international strategy at SFU. He cowrote the bestseller... read more

  • Maria Virginia Acuña

    Maria Virginia Acuña is a musicologist specializing in early music and operatic repertoire, with an... read more

  • Dan Adleman

    After finishing his undergraduate degree in English literature and philosophy at the University of... read more

  • Wendy Bancroft

    Wendy has been helping people tell their stories for over 35 years in a series of related careers:... read more

  • Janice Bannister

    Janice Bannister has taught comedy techniques at Douglas College, Capilano University’s Continuing... read more

  • Lindsey bat Joseph

    Rabbi Lindsey bat Joseph has an MA in Hebrew letters with a special interest in liturgy and... read more

  • Susan Baxter

    Critic, curmudgeon, writer, researcher and teacher, Susan Baxter, PhD, has spent years attempting... read more

  • Gerhard Bihl

    Gerhard Bihl, PhD, is a retired micropaleontologist who specialized in oil exploration. His current... read more

  • Timothy Brownlow

    Tim’s PhD is from York University, Toronto. He is also Professor Emeritus at Vancouver Island... read more

  • G. Elijah Dann

    G. Elijah Dann has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Waterloo and the Doctorat en... read more

  • Emily Davidson

    Emily Davidson is a word enthusiast. A writer of poetry and fiction, her work has appeared in... read more

  • Brenda Davison

    Brenda Davison, PhD candidate and lecturer in the mathematics department at SFU, was formerly an... read more

  • Rapti Dietrich

    Rapti Dietrich has a BA in English and an MA in English literature and linguistics. She also holds... read more

  • Earl Drake

    Earl Drake is an historian and former Canadian diplomat who spent many years in Asia.... read more

  • Heather Duff

    Heather Duff holds her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British... read more

  • J. Kit Eakle

    J. Kit Eakle is an internationally known jazz violinist, violin teacher, educator and publisher of... read more

  • Margaret Easton

    Margaret Easton holds master's degrees in liberal... read more

  • Mary Jane Edwards

    Mary Jane Edwards is an internationally known specialist in Canadian literature. She received her... read more

  • Efrat El-Hanany

    Dr. El-Hanany is a faculty member in the Art History and Women and Gender Studies Departments... read more

  • Kate Elliott

    Kate Elliott, MUrb (urban studies), is a PhD student at SFU. Her previous work in a cemetery and on... read more

  • William Ellis

    After studies at the University of Michigan (BA English) and Boston College (PhD English), William... read more

  • Phyllis Ferguson

    Phyllis Ferguson graduated from McGill University as a speech pathologist and recipient of the... read more

  • Sarah Ferguson

    Sarah Ferguson, MFA, PhD, is a theatre director, actor, choreographer and instructor whose work... read more

  • Diane Finegood

    Diane Finegood, PhD, is a fellow in SFU’s Centre for Dialogue, where each spring she guides a... read more

  • Graham Forst

    Graham Forst has an interdisciplinary PhD in literature and philosophy. His doctoral thesis was... read more

  • Monica Franz

    Monica Franz is a semi-retired therapist in private practice, a clinical supervisor and an... read more

  • Penny Freno

    Penny Freno is a career coach and educator with a background in career development, employment... read more

  • Gordon Gray

    Born in the Yukon Territory and spending much of his childhood living on a boat on Canada’s west... read more

  • Margaret Isabel Hall

    Margaret Isabel Hall is an associate professor in the Faculty of Law, Thompson Rivers University.... read more

  • Mason Harris

    Mason Harris received his BA from Harvard University in 1961 and his PhD from the State University... read more

  • Keiko Honda

    Keiko Honda, PhD, specialized in cancer epidemiology at Columbia University; her work focuses on... read more

  • Rick Hulbert

    Richard Hulbert, M.Arch., RCA, FRAIC, AIA, Retired Architect AIBC, has been an international... read more

  • Richard Ingram

    Previously taught: ... read more

  • Robert Ingram

    After graduating with a BA in French from the University of Birmingham (UK), Robert Ingram took a... read more

  • Jonathan Jedwab

    Jonathan Jedwab, a professor at SFU, has been a mathematician at heart all his life. He loves... read more

  • Isabelle Jolly

    Isabelle Jolly co-owned a gallery in Mexico and participated in About Women for Women by Women, a... read more

  • Amir Kamyab-Nejad

    Previously taught: ... read more

  • Jean Kares

    Jean Kares is an independent scholar, textile specialist, artist and writer. She holds a BA in... read more

  • Ken Klonsky

    Ken Klonsky is director of Innocence International, co-author (with Rubin Carter) of Eye of the... read more

  • Michael Kluckner

    Michael Kluckner is a Canadian writer and artist, the author of a number of books. His early books... read more

  • Sharon Koehn

    Sharon Koehn, PhD, is a university research associate at Simon Fraser University's Department of... read more

  • Nicolas Krusek

    Nicolas Krusek is a musician, conductor, speaker and music educator. After completing a degree in... read more

  • Peter Langer

    Peter Langer taught human geography at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago and the Universidad... read more

  • Marlene LeGates

    Throughout most of her teaching career, Marlene LeGates taught history and women's studies at... read more

  • Lisa MacLean

    Lisa MacLean has a PhD in interdisciplinary studies and an MFA in visual art from UBC. She has also... read more

  • Barry Magrill

    An artist, art historian and specialist in architecture, Barry Magrill has taught these subjects at... read more

  • Stan Markotich

    Originally from Vancouver and a student at Simon Fraser University, Dr. Markotich graduated from... read more

  • Vicki Marlatt

    Vicki Marlatt, MSc, PhD, is a professor of environmental toxicology and biology at SFU. She focuses... read more

  • Nabyl Merbouh

    Nabyl Merbouh obtained a BSc in chemistry from the University of Tours (France), a DEA in chemistry... read more

  • Antone Minard

    Antone Minard, born and raised in San Diego, received his PhD in folklore and mythology from UCLA.... read more

  • John Mitchell

    John Mitchell has composed and produced the music for over 500 episodes of animation and 200... read more

  • Arne Mooers

    Arne Mooers, DPhil, is a professor of biodiversity at SFU. He is a member of COSEWIC, the body that... read more

  • Justin Newell

    Since 1985, Justin Newell (Italian-born and multilingual) has been lecturing on art history for... read more

  • Christopher Pearson

    Dr. Pearson is a faculty member in the Art History Department at Capilano University in North... read more

  • Garrett H. Polman

    Following an undergraduate liberal arts degree, Garrett studied Greek and Latin literature and... read more

  • Calla Power

    Calla Power graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2003 and went on to teach drawing... read more

  • Lynne Quarmby

    Lynne Quarmby is a professor and the chair of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry... read more

  • Jesse Read

    Jesse Read has performed as principal bassoonist with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, the CBC... read more

  • Anneke Rees

    Anneke Rees, previously a coach in the mentorship program of the Canadian College of Health... read more

  • Mandy Richmond

    Mandy Richmond has been the head of junior school at both Collingwood School in West Vancouver and... read more

  • Neil Ritchie

    Neil Ritchie, born in Vancouver, attended high school in West Vancouver and graduated with a degree... read more

  • Peter Robbins

    After completing his B.Sc. in geology at UBC, Peter Robbins began teaching in 1978. He completed an... read more

  • Joe Ronsley

    Joe Ronsley, a native of Chicago, received his BA, MA, and PhD from Northwestern University. He... read more

  • Harold Rosen

    Harold Rosen is a community interfaith educator. He teaches and designs courses on world religions,... read more

  • Lealle Ruhl

    Lealle Ruhl received her graduate degree from York University's Program in Social and Political... read more

  • Jim Rupert

    Jim Rupert is a retired researcher with a background in genetics and human evolution. He holds a... read more

  • Amyn B Sajoo

    Educated at the University of London and at McGill University, where he received his doctorate,... read more

  • Ivan Sayers

    Ivan Sayers is a fashion historian who specializes in the study of women’s, men’s, and children’s... read more

  • Cristina Serverius

    Cristina Serverius is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Education, Law and... read more

  • Barry Shell

    Barry Shell is a retired writer living in Vancouver. Shell worked at Simon Fraser University where... read more

  • Nilofar Shidmehr

    Nilofar Shidmher, PhD, MFA, is a creative writing-informed research scholar and a bilingual writer... read more

  • Annie Smith

    Annie Smith (BA, MA, PhD) is fascinated by the relationship the audience has to performance. ... read more

  • Marina Sonkina

    Marina Sonkina's initiation into the world of academia happened at the age of 18, as a freshman at... read more

  • Marylee Stephenson

    Marylee Stephenson completed her doctorate in sociology at UBC. She is active as a coach in... read more

  • Mary Lynn Stewart

    Mary Lynn Stewart, PhD, taught at Simon Fraser University from 1977 to 2012 in the Department of... read more

  • Sharon Tenenbaum

    Sharon Tenenbaum has won multiple international awards as a fine art photographer. Sharon prides... read more

  • Beth Triano

    Beth Triano, MACP, is a clinical counsellor at SFU and in private practice. Her background in... read more

  • Carol Tulpar

    With her bachelor of arts in English literature (UBC), Carol Tulpar taught high school ESL before... read more

  • Rory Wallace

    Rory Wallace is a professor emeritus at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. He has taught both... read more

  • Jane Webley

    Jane Webley, RN, LLB, has been involved in end-of-life care as a nurse since 1982. She increased... read more

  • Nadine Wicks

    Nadine Wicks, PhD, is a lecturer in biomedical physiology and kinesiology at SFU. Her areas of... read more

  • Vance Williams

    Vance Williams, PhD, is a professor with and chair of SFU’s Department of Chemistry. His current... read more

  • Rob Wilson

    Rob Wilson, MBA, MFA, is a PhD researcher in UBC’s Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program,... read more

  • Christine TN Wong

    Christine TN Wong is originally from Hong Kong where she studied Chinese language and literature.... read more

  • Pohsuan Zaide

    Pohsuan Zaide holds a PhD from Saybrook University in San Francisco. She is a Jungian scholar and a... read more

Teaching opportunities

Are you a qualified, experienced instructor? Do you have a topic idea that you think would capture the imagination of lifelong learners? If so, we want to hear from you!

Our courses, open to anyone 55+, are academically oriented and intellectually challenging. We do not offer recreational courses or courses leading to the acquisition of a skill (such as languages).

We welcome over 2,500 students annually. We are also credited with offering the most dynamic and wide-ranging courses for mature adults available in the Lower Mainland.

Successful instructors possess special qualities: intellectual awareness, excitement, flexibility, openness, superior listening skills, and an ability to manage a wide range of personality types. They come to us because they have a passion for teaching and learning from lifelong learners.

For more information on how to teach for us, please email your CV and proposed course topic(s) to the program coordinator, Mark Smith.