Special audit

At SFU you may audit university undergraduate credit courses on a non-credit, Special Audit basis with permission from the instructor.

Special Audit is open to anyone who wishes to learn without the pressure of exams and assignments.

You can't get degree credit by enrolling in a Special Audit course, and instructors will not grade your assignments, but you're welcome to participate in class discussion.

If you are interested in taking a course by Special Audit, visit the SFU Academic Calendar or download an application form online. Special Audit opportunities are available at all 3 SFU campuses (Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey), providing there is space in the course, and with instructor approval.

Frequently asked questions

Can I participate in class?

Yes, we welcome your participation in class.

Can I use library materials?

As an SFU Continuing Studies student, you can obtain a library card that will give you access to library resources, including reserve and online materials for your course.

What if there are online course materials?

Some instructors use Canvas to distribute materials to students. If your instructor is using Canvas, we will provide you with a computing ID and password so you can access these materials.

Can I attend tutorials or labs?

No. While you are welcome to attend the lectures and seminars, the tutorials and labs are limited to undergraduate students. The course times listed in our catalogue and on this site indicate only the lecture and seminar times.

Will I get degree credit for these courses?

No. If you wish to obtain credit toward an undergraduate degree, certificate or diploma, you need to apply for admission to the university. Once you have been admitted, you can enroll in courses as an undergraduate student. Visit the prospective undergraduate website or call 778-782-6930 to find out more.

Will my instructors evaluate my work?

No. You will also not take mid-term or final exams. If you wish to have your work evaluated and obtain degree credit, we encourage you to apply for admission to the university as an undergraduate student.

Is there a record of my enrollment?

We will keep a record of your enrollment in our registration system. You will receive a confirmation email once we receive your payment and you are enrolled in the course.

I work full-time. Are there undergraduate courses at SFU that take my work schedule into consideration?

Yes. SFU NOW: Nights or Weekends is a flexible degree program designed to support working adults as they finish a degree in the evenings and on weekends. Visit the SFU NOW website or call 778-782-8655 to find out more.