Workplace Health and Wellness

Programs and Courses

If you're interested in helping people thrive in their professional lives, our certificate programs and professional development workshops will provide the training you need to move forward.

Make a difference as a career development practitioner

For a rewarding career in employment counselling or career development, our 14-week intensive program, plus three-week practicum, provides the perfect foundation.

Career Development Practitioner

Learn effective techniques for resilience and self-healing

This specialized online program explores how trauma in the workplace impacts mental health. You'll gain tools and strategies to better prepare and support yourself, your peers and your organization.

First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery

Keep workers safe on the job

Our part-time program and courses can help you build a successful career in the workplace health and safety field.

Occupational Health and Safety

Help employees make a safe transition back to work

In this part-time program, you'll learn about accommodations and working with employers to make appropriate and sensitive return-to-work decisions.

Rehabilitation and Disability Management