Rehabilitation and Disability Management

Help employees return to work 

More and more Canadians are facing challenges that require them to take time off work: medical conditions, physical disabilities, mental health issues and more. There is an acute need for professionals who will help them get back to work in a way that addresses the needs of all parties and addresses each employee's unique set of circumstances with respect, dignity, compassion and professionalism.

Instructor Avita Sharma on the program's benefits

Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma

Our part-time Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma will prepare you to help employees return to work efficiently and effectively.

Courses and workshops (available individually)

The Rehabilitation and Disability Management Diploma is a cohort-based program. Occasionally, we may have space available in an individual course for students not registered in the program. If this happens, you may be able to register for a course without first applying to the diploma program.

Diploma courses
Stand-alone professional development courses

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