Technical Communication Courses

The following courses are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Technical Communication Certificate. 

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July 2019

16 Documentation Project Management TCOM320 TCOM320-ON11941

16 Tools for Technical Communicators TCOM270 TCOM270-ON11941

August 2019

20 Microsoft Word for Technical Writers: Advanced TCOM240 TCOM240-ON1194

September 2019

10 Concepts and Practice of Technical Communication TCOM110 TCOM110-ON11971

17 Indexing: An Essential Art and Science TCOM230 TCOM230-ON11971

24 Final Project: Technical Communication Guided Practicum TCOM410 TCOM410-ON11971

24 Research, Analysis and Information Design TCOM210 TCOM210-ON11971

November 2019

5 Design and Production of Technical Publications TCOM220 TCOM220-ON1197

5 Technical Writing and Editing TCOM120 TCOM120-ON11971

February 2020

18 Fundamentals of Creating Online Documents TCOM260 TCOM260-ON12011

March 2020

31 Design and Production of Technical Publications TCOM220 TCOM220-ON1204

April 2020

28 Technical Writing: Advanced Workshop TCOM310 TCOM310-ON12011