Upcoming courses and workshops

Business Management

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Business Management Certificate. Please note that registration may close up to one week before a course begins.   

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October 2017

19 Process Mapping and Process Improvement MGMT390 MGMT390-VA11771

January 2018

16 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-SU11811

17 Business Administration MGMT120 MGMT120-SU11811

17 Business Law MGMT360 MGMT360-VA11811

17 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-VA11811

20 Business Strategy MGMT420 MGMT420-SU11811

20 Financial Accounting Fundamentals MGMT250 MGMT250-SU11811

22 Business Administration MGMT120 MGMT120-ON11811

22 Human Resources Management MGMT310 MGMT310-ON11812

22 Marketing Management MGMT240 MGMT240-ON11811

22 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-ON11812

23 Accounting and Financial Management Fundamentals for Non-Financial Managers MGMT245 MGMT245-VA1181

February 2018

1 Advanced Study in Writing for Business and the Professions BCPW205 BCPW205-ON11811

April 2018

5 Advanced Study in Writing for Business and the Professions BCPW205 BCPW205-ON11812

23 Human Resources Management MGMT310 MGMT310-ON11814

23 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-ON11813

25 Business Administration MGMT120 MGMT120-VA11811

25 Organizational Behaviour MGMT115 MGMT115-VA11812

28 Business Administration MGMT120 MGMT120-SU11812

28 Business Finance MGMT350 MGMT350-SU11811