Dialogue and Civic Engagement

Upcoming courses and workshops

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Dialogue and Civic Engagement Certificate. 

All courses take place in Vancouver.

Location update: Due to the COVID-19 situation, courses scheduled to start before August 31 in Vancouver or Surrey will move to online-supported delivery.

June 2020

17 Effective Group Facilitation DLOG706 DLOG706-VA1204

September 2020

9 Dialogue and Engagement: Principles and Concepts DLOG700 DLOG700-VA1207

30 Practice of Engagement DLOG701 DLOG701-VA1207

November 2020

5 Planning for Engagement DLOG703 DLOG703-VA1207

19 Large-Scale Public Involvement Methods DLOG751 DLOG751-VA1207

December 2020

2 Social Media and Engagement DLOG755 DLOG755-VA1207

4 Evaluating Engagement DLOG757 DLOG757-VA1207

February 2021

24 Effective Group Facilitation DLOG706 DLOG706-VA1211