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Liberal Arts and 55+

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September 2018

8 Life in Verse: An Introduction to Writing and Editing Poetry LIB161 LIB161-VA1187

10 Bill C-14: The Long History of Suicide, Euthanasia and Assisted Dying LIB159 LIB159-VA1187

10 From Bustles to Miniskirts: A Century of French Fashion (55+) PLUS258 PLUS258-VA1187

10 Innovative Perspectives on Resilient Aging (55+) PLUS211 PLUS211-VA1187

10 Schubert (55+) PLUS259 PLUS259-VA11871

10 The Art of Short Story Reading (55+) PLUS277 PLUS277-VA1187

10 The First World War: Origin, Peace and Consequences (55+) PLUS256 PLUS256-VA1187

11 A Virtual Tour Through the Vanishing Heritage of the Middle East (55+) PLUS260 PLUS260-VA1187

11 A Virtual Tour of India (55+) PLUS261 PLUS261-VA1187

11 Magnificence: Baroque Music in the Embrace of Architecture, Art and Style (55+) PLUS262 PLUS262-VA1187

11 The History of Jazz Violin: Prehistory to the Swing Era PLUS263 PLUS263-VA1187

12 A Retired Diplomat's Candid Report on His Encounters with World Leaders (55+) PLUS266 PLUS266-VA1187

12 Brush Up on Your Shakespeare: Canadian Adaptations of the Bard (55+) PLUS264 PLUS264-VA1187

12 Finding Your Funny: Discover Standup Comedy (55+) PLUS108 PLUS108-VA1187

12 Love, Death and Opera Since 1900 (55+) PLUS267 PLUS267-VA1187

12 Personal Expression in Art History LIB160 LIB160-VA1187

12 The Woman as Hero in Western Literature (55+) PLUS265 PLUS265-VA1187

13 Life Writing: Creating a Self for Our Life Story (55+) PLUS181 PLUS181-VA1187

13 On Top of the Word: The Structure and History of English Words (55+) PLUS269 PLUS269-VA1187

13 Onstage and Off (55+) PLUS268 PLUS268-VA1187

14 Democracy in the Digital Age: Challenges, Opportunities, Implications (55+) PLUS272 PLUS272-VA1187

14 Samuel Johnson: Man of Life and Letters PLUS273 PLUS273-VA1187

14 The Irish Literary Revival (1891-1932) (55+) PLUS274 PLUS274-VA1187

14 Thomas Merton: Poet, Monk, Scholar (55+) PLUS271 PLUS271-VA1187

21 Sun Tzu's The Art of War for Modern Life (55+) PLUS275 PLUS275-VA1187

22 100th Anniversary of the Armistice: Origins of the First World War: Lessons and Legacies LIB155 LIB155-VA1187

29 100th Anniversary of the Armistice: "Over There": Music and the First World War LIB156 LIB156-VA1187

October 2018

9 Explorations in Death and Dying: Issues in Later Life (55+) PLUS197 PLUS197-VA1187

13 100th Anniversary of the Armistice: Newfoundland and Beaumont-Hamel: The Politics of Commemoration LIB157 LIB157-VA1187

13 Till Death Do Us Part: Ensuring the Health Care System Works for and with You LIB162 LIB162-VA1187

20 100th Anniversary of the Armistice: Woodrow Wilson and the Creation of a New World Order LIB158 LIB158-VA1187

22 Your Next Move: Transitioning with Intention LIB139 LIB139-ON1187

23 British Social Realism: Films by Terence Davies, Mike Leigh and Ken Loach (55+) PLUS282 PLUS282-VA1187

23 The History of Jazz Violin: From Swing to the Present PLUS281 PLUS281-VA1187

23 Williams and Miller: Masters of American Theatre (55+) PLUS280 PLUS280-VA1187

24 Fictional Criminals for the Serious Minded (55+) PLUS283 PLUS283-VA1187

24 Meanings in Life: An Inquiry (55+) PLUS279 PLUS279-VA11872

24 The Fabulous Origins of English Words (55+) PLUS145 PLUS145-VA1187

24 Three Early 20th-Century American Poets: Eliot, Frost and Stevens (55+) PLUS106 PLUS106-VA1187

24 Western Art of the 19th Century (55+) PLUS284 PLUS284-VA1187

25 Art Now: What's Happening in Contemporary Art (55+) PLUS285 PLUS285-VA1187

25 Drawing for Brain Health (55+) PLUS164 PLUS164-VA1187

25 Schubert (55+) PLUS259 PLUS259-VA11872

26 "We Are All Cyborgs Now": Experiencing the Technologized World (55+) PLUS289 PLUS289-VA1187

26 Constitutional Democracy and Policing (55+) PLUS179 PLUS179-VA1187

26 Photography Portfolio Review: Taking Your Images from Good to Great (55+) PLUS290 PLUS290-VA1187

26 Plato and Aristotle: A Beginner's Guide (55+) PLUS288 PLUS288-VA1187

26 Remembering the "War to End All Wars": Poetry and Prose from the British Empire (55+) PLUS287 PLUS287-VA1187

27 From Giotto to Gaddi: Masters of the Italian Trecento LIB163 LIB163-VA1187

27 Sustainability: Untangling a Web of Interconnectivity LIB164 LIB164-VA1187

29 Exodus: The Foundational Story of Jewish Tradition (55+) PLUS276 PLUS276-VA1187

29 From RAW to Polished: Improving Your Digital Pictures (55+) PLUS191 PLUS191-VA1187

29 Meanings in Life: An Inquiry (55+) PLUS279 PLUS279-VA1187

29 Plucky Heroines and Dashing Detectives: B Movie Thrillers of the '30s and '40s (55+) PLUS278 PLUS278-VA1187

29 Seeing and Perceiving the Urban Landscape Through Photography (55+) PLUS115 PLUS115-VA1187

29 The Durrells and Their Greek Journeys (55+) PLUS257 PLUS257-VA1187

November 2018

3 Getting Started on Your Graphic Novel LIB165 LIB165-VA1187