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Liberal Arts for Adults 55+

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October 2017

14 In the Footsteps of the Incas: A Virtual Tour of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador LIB133 LIB133-VA1177

14 Women Artists of Belle Époque Paris LIB134 LIB134-VA1177

17 Chá Dào: The Delight of Chinese Tea (55+) PLUS195 PLUS195-VA1177

17 Classics of French Cinema (55+) PLUS196 PLUS196-VA1177

17 Postmodern Philosophy: A Beginner's Guide (55+) PLUS194 PLUS194-VA11772

18 Explorations in Death and Dying: Issues in Later Life (55+) PLUS197 PLUS197-VA1177

18 The Fabulous Origins of English Words (55+) PLUS145 PLUS145-VA1177

18 Theatre: Behind the Scenes (55+) PLUS199 PLUS199-VA1177

19 A Virtual Tour of Southeast Asia: From Indochina to Indonesia (55+) PLUS202 PLUS202-VA1177

19 Dancing on Our Enemy's Grave: Jewish Ethics of War and Peace (55+) PLUS203 PLUS203-VA1177

19 Surveillance and Terror: The Politics of Totalitarianism (55+) PLUS201 PLUS201-VA1177

19 The Art of the Renaissance (55+) PLUS204 PLUS204-VA1177

20 7,000 Years of Persian Engineering (55+) PLUS205 PLUS205-VA1177

20 On Religion: Christopher Hitchens' Greatest Hits (55+) PLUS206 PLUS206-VA1177

24 500 Years Later: The Reformation Revisited (55+) PLUS133 PLUS133-VA1177

25 International Superstars (55+) PLUS200 PLUS200-VA1177

28 A Flight of Liberal Arts: Culture, Anarchy and the Abyss: Defending Liberal Arts LIB138 LIB138-VA1177

30 Chekhov and Bunin (55+) PLUS192 PLUS192-VA1177

30 From RAW to Polished: Improving Your Digital Pictures (55+) PLUS191 PLUS191-VA1177

30 The Impact of the Arts and Sciences on Photography (55+) PLUS190 PLUS190-VA1177

30 Women Playwrights in Canada: Their Visions, Struggles and Legacies (55+) PLUS193 PLUS193-VA1177

November 2017

1 Women of Ancient Greece (55+) PLUS198 PLUS198-VA1177

3 Ernest Becker and The Denial of Death (55+) PLUS207 PLUS207-VA1177