Upcoming courses and workshops

First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Certificate. Please note that registration may close up to one week before a course begins.   

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April 2019

2 Mental Health Fundamentals CRIS110 CRIS110-ON11911

2 Organizational Structure and Stigma Reduction CRIS350 CRIS350-ON11911

23 Relationship Building CRIS340 CRIS340-ON11912

June 2019

4 First Responders Final Project CRIS410 CRIS410-ON11941

4 Trauma and Suicide CRIS220 CRIS220-ON11941

September 2019

10 Crisis Intervention CRIS210 CRIS210-ON11971

10 Introduction to Addictions CRIS230 CRIS230-ON11971

10 Mental Health Fundamentals CRIS110 CRIS110-ON11971

10 Relationship Building CRIS340 CRIS340-ON11971

November 2019

5 Communication and Helping Skills CRIS320 CRIS320-ON11971

5 Personal Resilience CRIS310 CRIS310-ON11971