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The liberal arts provide you an opportunity to learn for the joy of learning, enhance your creativity, and sharpen your critical thinking skills. We offer a number of options for adults of any age to discover something new.

June 2020

1 A Brief History of Persuasion LIB218 LIB218-ON1204

1 Art Behind the Seens: Exploring Online Art Museums LIB211 LIB211-ON1204

1 Innovative Perspectives on Resilience and Aging LIB178 LIB178-ON1204

1 Preserving Multilateralism LIB214 LIB214-ON1204

1 Social Artistry Through Co-creation LIB217 LIB217-ON1204

15 After the Pandemic LIB215 LIB215-ON1204

July 2020

6 Fakes, Forgeries and Frauds in the Art World LIB212 LIB212-ON1204

6 Meanings in Life: An Inquiry LIB213 LIB213-ON1204

6 Personal Expression in Art History LIB220 LIB220-ON1204

6 Realms of Chinese Art: Ritual, State, Studio and Market LIB219 LIB219-ON1204

6 Urban Dirt: The City's Hidden Value LIB216 LIB216-ON1204