Upcoming online courses

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Editing Certificate. 

September 2019

18 Proofreading EDIT225 EDIT225-ON11971

18 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON11971

October 2019

16 Business Processes in Editing EDIT509 EDIT509-ON11971

16 Document Design and Production for Editors EDIT240 EDIT240-ON11971

16 Stylistic Editing EDIT320 EDIT320-ON11971

30 Proofreading EDIT225 EDIT225-ON11972

November 2019

6 Editors and Editing: An Introduction EDIT110 EDIT110-ON11972

6 Grammar EDIT250 EDIT250-ON11972

6 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON11972

13 Copy Editing EDIT210 EDIT210-ON11972

13 Writing and Editing for the Web EDIT505 EDIT505-ON11972

January 2020

16 Ethics and Legal Issues in Writing and Publishing BCPW210 BCPW210-ON12011

22 Final Project: Editing EDIT410 EDIT410-ON12011