Plain Language

Upcoming online courses

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Plain Language Certificate. 

July 2020

7 Plain Language Principles PLNL110 PLNL110-ON12041

August 2020

4 Writing Plain Language for Law PLNL510 PLNL510-ON1204

September 2020

8 Advanced User Analysis PLNL320 PLNL320-ON12071

15 Plain Language Principles PLNL110 PLNL110-ON12071

22 Plain Language in Health Literacy PLNL520 PLNL520-ON12071

October 2020

20 Plain Language Final Project PLNL410 PLNL410-ON1207

November 2020

3 Plain Language Principles PLNL110 PLNL110-ON12072

10 Plain Graphics and Design PLNL310 PLNL310-ON12071