Technical Communication

Upcoming online courses

The following upcoming courses and workshops are open for individual registration. Many are available as part of the Technical Communication Certificate. 

July 2019

16 Documentation Project Management TCOM320 TCOM320-ON11941

16 Tools for Technical Communicators TCOM270 TCOM270-ON11941

August 2019

20 Microsoft Word for Technical Writers: Advanced TCOM240 TCOM240-ON1194

September 2019

10 Concepts and Practice of Technical Communication TCOM110 TCOM110-ON11971

17 Indexing: An Essential Art and Science TCOM230 TCOM230-ON11971

24 Final Project: Technical Communication Guided Practicum TCOM410 TCOM410-ON11971

24 Research, Analysis and Information Design TCOM210 TCOM210-ON11971

November 2019

5 Design and Production of Technical Publications TCOM220 TCOM220-ON1197

5 Technical Writing and Editing TCOM120 TCOM120-ON11971

February 2020

18 Fundamentals of Creating Online Documents TCOM260 TCOM260-ON12011

March 2020

31 Design and Production of Technical Publications TCOM220 TCOM220-ON1204

April 2020

28 Technical Writing: Advanced Workshop TCOM310 TCOM310-ON12011