Part-time, online Next-Generation Transportation Certificate


An instructor will facilitate each online transportation course. We choose our instructors on the basis of their academic credentials, professional experience and teaching abilities.

  • Neil Arason

    Neil Arason is passionate about making change in road safety and has contributed to numerous... read more

  • Tim Barton

    Tim Barton has over 15 years of experience as a transportation planner, including time both as a... read more

  • Jaime Boan

    Jaime Boan has over 24 years of experience as a transportation engineer. Boan started his... read more

  • Dale Bracewell

    Dale Bracewell was appointed manager of active transportation for the City of Vancouver in 2010. He... read more

  • Rosemary Cooper

    Rosemary Cooper is the curriculum coordinator for the Sustainable Community Development Certificate... read more

  • Matt Craig

    Matt Craig as been involved in transportation planning for over decade, and is currently the... read more

  • Andrew Curran

    Andrew Curran is the manager of policy at TransLink. His current focus has been on supporting the... read more

  • Darren Davis

    Darren Davis is a proudly car-free principal public transport planner. He has 25 years’ experience... read more

  • Christina DeMarco

    Christina DeMarco is the former lead planner for the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy.... read more

  • Jerry Dobrovolny

    Jerry Dobrovolny is the director of transportation for the City of Vancouver. He is responsible for... read more

  • Sharon Feigon

    Sharon Feigon, a founder of Shared-Use Mobility Center, was previously the CEO of IGO Carsharing,... read more

  • Daniel Firth

    Daniel Firth is project manager for Stockholm's Sustainable Urban Mobility Strategy, which has... read more

  • Tara Gallen

    Tara Leanne Gallen joined the City of Vancouver in 2017 as a transit planner working on projects... read more

  • Peter Hall

    Peter Hall is an associate professor in SFU's Urban Studies Program and an associate member of the... read more

  • Preet Heer

    For 15 years, Preet Heer has worked with the City of Surrey where she is now the manager of... read more

  • Sandra James

    Sandy (Sandra) James is a city planner who champions walkable places and spaces. James was the... read more

  • Michael King

    Michael King’s streets and street networks are complete, resilient and sustainable. In his more... read more

  • David Kriger

    David Kriger is a recognized expert in urban goods planning, forecasting and surveys. His recent... read more

  • Lon LaClaire

    Lon LaClaire is currently the acting director of transportation for the City of Vancouver. His... read more

  • Clark Lim

    Clark Lim has over 22 years of experience in transportation engineering and planning in public,... read more

  • Andreas Lindinger

    Andreas Lindinger is a Vienna-based urban management consultant at Denkstatt, a leading... read more

  • Todd Litman

    Todd Litman is founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute, an... read more

  • Graham Long

    Graham Long, C.Eng., Eng.D., is a decision analyst and UK-chartered (chemical) engineer. He is... read more

  • Charles Marohn

    Charles Marohn is a professional engineer licensed in the State of Minnesota and a member of the... read more

  • Norm Marshall

    Norm Marshall helped found Smart Mobility, Inc. in 2001 and currently serves as president. Prior to... read more

  • Kobus Mentz

    Kobus Mentz is one of Australasia’s leading urban thinkers. He's worked in 80 towns and cities... read more

  • Lee Merkhofer

    Miley W. (Lee) Merkhofer is a well-known author and practitioner in the field of decision... read more

  • Brian Patterson

    Brian Patterson is a principal and senior transportation planner with Urban Systems in Vancouver.... read more

  • Anthony Perl

    Anthony Perl is a professor of urban studies and political science at Simon Fraser... read more

  • Gordon Price

    Gordon Price is the former director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University. In 2002, he... read more

  • Tamim Raad

    Tamim Raad has 16 years of planning experience in consulting, research and government, as well as... read more

  • Dan Ross

    Dan Ross has over a decade of planning and engineering experience in North America and Australasia.... read more

  • Warren Rowe

    Warren Rowe has over 30 years experience in planning at the state and local government level in... read more

  • Sally Rudd

    Sally Rudd is an associate with Compass Resource Management, bringing a wide breadth of experience... read more

  • Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith joined the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) in 2008 as an economic development... read more

  • Kati Tamashiro

    Kati Tamashiro currently works for the City of Vancouver as a transportation engineer, where she... read more

  • Bill Tieleman

    Bill Tieleman is one of British Columbia's best-known communicators and strategists, as well as a... read more

  • Brent Toderian

    Brent Toderian is a nationally and internationally respected practitioner and leader with over 21... read more

  • Jeffrey Tumlin

    Jeffrey Tumlin is principal and director of strategy at Nelson\Nygaard, an internationally... read more

  • Greg Vann

    Greg Vann is a founding partner and director of Buckley Vann, and one of Queensland's... read more

  • Jarrett Walker

    Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy based in... read more

  • Bob Wilds

    Bob Wilds is currently the managing director of the Greater Vancouver Gateway Council. This... read more

  • Clark Williams-Derry

    Clark Williams-Derry directs research and communications for Sightline Institute. Since joining... read more

  • Kevin Wright

    Kevin Wright is manager transport strategy at Auckland Council. He advises elected members on the... read more

Advisory Committee

Rosemary Cooper, principal of CreatingPLACES, coordinated the design of the certificate and authored the initial set of courses, under the direction of the Next-Generation Transportation Advisory Committee, and with contributions from Terri Evans.

Tim Barton, Transportation Planner, Bunt and Associates

Dale Bracewell, Manager, Active Transportation, City of Vancouver

Andrew Curran, Manager, Strategy, Strategic Planning and Policy at TransLink

Darren Davis, Principal Public Transport Planner, Auckland Transport

Lawrence Frank, Professor and Director of the Health and Community Design Lab at the School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia

Jane Farquharson, Principal, Bunt and Associates Engineering (B.C.) Ltd.

Claire Gram, Policy Analyst at Vancouver Coastal Health

Tom Lancaster, Planner, VIA Architecture

Clark Lim, Principal, Acuere Consulting Inc, Acuere Consulting Inc.

Todd Litman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute

Margaret Mahan, Executive Director, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation

Kobus Mentz, Director, Urbanismplus, Auckland, New Zealand

Brian Patterson, Principal and Active Transportation Planning Leader at Urban Systems

Anthony Perl, Professor of Urban Studies and Political Science, Simon Fraser University

Gordon Price, Director, City Program, Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University

Tamim Raad, Director, Strategic Planning and Policy, TransLink

Joe Sulmona, Sky Blue Sea Enterprises Ltd.

Gregg Vann, Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants, Brisbane

Jeffrey Tumlin, Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, San Francisco