Part-time, online Next-Generation Transportation Certificate

Our participants

Participants in the Next-Generation Transportation Certificate work in communities throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and New Zealand. They include the following:

  • Urban planners and designers
  • Transportation engineers
  • Policy analysts
  • Development officers
  • Elected officials
  • Environmental health officers
  • Recent university graduates

Read what students are saying

Ryan KennettRyan Kennett, Victoria, BC. Read his story

"As a seasoned veteran on the 'front lines' of the public transportations industry, the Next Generation Transportation Certificate has opened my mind up to a brand new way at looking at how cities are put together. Whether we are looking into creating new visions and ideas on how to improve the functionality of a city, or better build on what we already have, this program provides a great wealth of insight into how we are where next-generation transportation starts.

Being an online program, establishing connections with colleagues from around the world, where the same challenges are being addressed, has been a huge asset of the program.  I have already recommended this program to many work colleagues as a great learning opportunity, no matter how much education he/she already has had prior. It sure has opened my eyes up to the new reality we all face of making our cities a better place."

harkness--daveDave Harkness, Manager of Parking Services, City of Surrey, British Columbia. Read his story

"A high-value program for anyone looking to gain insights to the rapidly evolving elements that make up sustainable transportation practices and policies. Broad ranging course content with different subject matter experts each week. Add to this a student group that brings international perspective, sharing their examples of transportation and planning challenges and solutions.

My role with the City of Surrey requires me to deal with my counterparts in transportation planning, traffic operations, and transit planning on a frequent basis. As someone with no formal engineering or planning background, the program has equipped me to understand their issues and relate to them with examples of best practices from multiple jurisdictions."

ngtc-lindinger-andreasAndreas Lindinger, Business and Sustainability Consultant, Vienna

"Despite living in a city with one of the world's best transportation systems, the insights gained through Next-Generation Transportation allow me to critically assess Vienna's transportation challenges and develop strategies that can make this city even more livable and sustainable. By studying best practices and exchanging experiences with our diverse group of practitioners from around the world, I can enrich my transportation and urban development expertise with state-of-the-art tools and policies.

The structure and format of this online program also makes it possible to have a flexible study schedule that fits my European full-time work schedule."

Mat CollinsMat Collins, Consent Specialist, Auckland Transport

"NGCT101 provides a fantastic introduction to the art and science of building great cities. Your learning is guided by internationally respected guest lecturers and highly experienced course facilitators, using a variety of methods including case studies, discussion boards, live chat and reflective learning. The course challenges your thinking and ingrained assumptions about how a city can and should tackle the wicked problem that transportation in urban areas presents.

I gained an appreciation for the shortcomings of a city that relies on a single transport option, the inextricable link between land use and transportation and how these two factors define the development of a city, what the barriers and enablers are to more sustainable transport options, and how important it is to have a multi-disciplinary view when planning and providing transport in an urban environment. It has given me greater confidence to challenge traditional car-centric thinking and to champion sustainable transport modes in my role as a Planning Engineer. I highly recommend this course to anyone charged with defining the public realm of cities, be it through transportation, planning, urban design, as an elected representative or other profession."

Steven WrennSteve Wrenn, Transport Planner, Auckland Transport

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone with a passion for creating better cities for people.

I had not undertaken any formal study in over 25 years so I was a little nervous about studying again. However I found the course stimulating and refreshing to learn and hear of the experiences of other classmates located elsewhere in the world, and have different backgrounds, knowledge and levels of experience.

The NGTC101 course stimulated and assisted me in my desired role of mentoring the next generation of planners, engineers and others who are interested and passionate about creating better cities for all."

crowe-brendaBrenda Crowe, Saskatoon Transit, Saskatchewan

"The instructors and cohort are an incredible mixture of skill and experience...SFU's Next-Generation Transportation Certificate is essential to our futures."

Darren DavisDarren Davis, Principal Public Transport Planner, Auckland Transport

"You don't know what you don't know until you know it. Even with 25 years of professional experience under my belt, this adage proved true for me in the Next Generation Transportation Certificate which I have recently completed. There is a wide world out there of new and innovative solutions to the transportation challenges that bedevil us. Cities of all shapes and sizes are working hard to move away from car-oriented models of city-building to ones offering better and more sustainable travel choices, and better integration of transport with land use and of passage with place.

To say that my eyes were opened and that I learned a lot is an understatement. But one of the huge strengths of the programme was developing a network of peers in cities around the world and sharing challenges, learnings and solutions with them. And the way the programme works—on-line, self-paced and flexible—allowed me to fit study around my hectic professional and personal schedule."

malcolm-andrewA. Malcolm, Planner, City of Lethbridge, Alberta

"As a community planner, my primary focus is on how we handle infill development and infrastructure projects within existing neighbourhoods. I often find myself struggling to find a way to implement many of the new forward-thinking goals found within our planning documents such as smart growth, new urbanism, and multi-modal.

This certificate has been extremely beneficial to me in providing a great deal of very valuable learning, real-world examples of successful implementation of these concepts, and contacts with established planning and engineering professionals from across Canada and around the world."

"I have found the course an excellent way to work through a whole range of issues I face every week in my work as a consultant urban designer in Auckland. The way the course has been devised and structured online is great, and I have found it to be true to its word of allowing me to work through each week at my own pace."

โ€”Stuart Houghton, Urban Designer, Associate Principal, Boffa Miskell, Auckland, New Zealand

"Next-Generation Cities and Transportation helped me to fully understand why the 'best transportation plan is a great-land use plan!' Great land-use plans include all kinds of multi-modal options, and we were provided with tools to learn the emerging vernacular and implementation methods for all kinds of modality; nothing was left out of the conversation...Being exposed to and learning about other targeted planning efforts, and speaking with a range of amazing practitioners about how they have handled very similar issues, has allowed me to open my thinking about transportation and land use as, yes, it's true, a harmonious pair."

โ€”Kristi Beunder, Principal, CivicWorks Planning and Design, Calgary, Alberta