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The Restorative Justice Certificate benefits participants from many professions and backgrounds. Restorative justice skills and expertise are in high demand across a variety of sectors—in particular, justice, policing, corrections, education, and community and family services.


Colin McLean

Karen Exley

Restorative justice grad creates a "sanctuary from hatred"

Rev. Teri Meyer has seen "a rise in fear and uncertainty" in her town of Terrace, B.C., but she's turning her church into a place where diversity can be seen as a gift and not a divisive force. Read her story on CBC. 

Community advocate talks about how the restorative justice program changed her work

  • Kim Riddell

    Kim Riddell, a local social worker and a graduate of our online Restorative Justice Certificate,... read more

  • Connie McGonigal

    Connie McGonigal, a family and community advocate, no longer believes that retribution is the only... read more