Full-time, in class Interpretation and Translation Diploma (Mandarin Chinese/English)

Field training

Train in the real world during on-location interpreting field training

Required on-location interpreting field training is a key component of our interpretation and translation training. It’ll help you understand North American society; familiarize you with a variety of vocal patterns, accents, and industry-specific vocabulary; and expose you to many different fields and industries, particularly those with a demand for professional interpreters.

You and your classmates will take turns interpreting for manufacturing, real estate, agriculture and technology businesses, as well as government, legal, health care, forestry, educational and transportation organizations.

You’ll spend about seven hours a week on interpreting field training, including in-class preparation, on-location practice, and post-practice analysis:

In-class preparation:

As part of the guided preparation for each practice session, we’ll provide vocabulary lists and literature that explain the content of the interpreting session. We’ll also give you the chance to practice in advance by showing a video recording of a past group's performance during a similar session. You must conduct extensive research and master basic facts and vocabulary before each practice session.

On-location practice session:
Interpreting field trip to Whole Foods Market in West Vancouver

During each session, you will interpret for host speakers. We’ll record these practice sessions for performance analysis during a later class.

Post-practice interpretation analysis:

Using the video recording, your instructor and classmates will evaluate your performance in the interpreting practice session.