Full-time, in class Interpretation and Translation Diploma (Mandarin Chinese/English)

Program details

Format Full-time in Vancouver
Schedule Courses and field training run Monday to Friday during the day.
Duration Eight months
Upcoming term
September 3, 2019–April 24, 2020
(Winter break: Dec 16–Jan 3) 
Courses There are six required courses in addition to on-site field training.
Tuition C$13,500 (non-refundable). Note: Tuition is the same for international students, permanent Canadian residents and Canadian citizens. It does not include living expenses, meals, health/dental insurance, transportation or incidental fees such as student ID cards. We recommend that you get a monthly transit pass for daily travel.
Field training fees
  • The cost of field training is included in tuition (excluding public transit costs where applicable).
  • There is a $600 fee (in addition to tuition) for accommodation and travel expenses associated with our two mandatory out-of-town overnight interpreting field trips. However, if you pay your tuition in full by 30 June 2019, we will waive this additional fee of $600.
Application fee C$75 (non-refundable
Application deadline

August 18, 2019.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The process can take up to three weeks, so we encourage you to apply early.


On-location interpreting sessions

In addition to taking professional courses that combine theory and practice, you'll apply and practise what you learn during on-location interpreting field training. Of the 20 class hours per week, seven are directly related to field training. Find out more about interpreting field training.

Graduation requirements

To complete the Interpretation and Translation Diploma (Mandarin Chinese/English), successfully complete all courses, assignments and field training and meet the attendance requirement. (You may miss no more than five per cent of classroom instruction time.)