Part-time, in class and online Community Data Science Certificate


  • Lyn Bartram

    Lyn Bartram is a professor in the School of Interactive Art and Technology at SFU, where she is a... read more

  • Scott Graham

    Scott Graham is an adjunct professor at the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC, as... read more

  • Craig E. Jones

    Craig E. Jones is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of British... read more

  • Martin Monkman

    Building on his previous experience analyzing data in a variety of contexts, Martin Monkman first... read more

  • David Wachsmuth

    David Wachsmuth is a professor of urban planning at McGill University. His research interests... read more

  • Sam Walker

    Sam Walker is a recent PhD graduate who studies urban and environmental geography. He's conducted... read more

  • Andy Yan

    Andy Yan holds a master’s in urban planning from UCLA. Director of SFU’s City Program, he is also... read more