Part-time, in class and online Community Data Science Certificate

Build a professional network of community planning, real estate and public policy professionals

Gain exposure to new ideas and multi-disciplinary perspectives as you systematically work through community-based data analytics problems as a cohort. 

Start with the foundations

The first course, Community Data Science Theory and Practice, is a balance of “where,” “how,” “what” and “why” of working with data, and understanding their possibilities and limitations for informing evidence-based decisions.

Using the Canadian Census as a foundational structured dataset, you'll develop a rigorous and pragmatic approach to accessing, evaluating, retrieving, and analyzing this data. You'll also learn where and how to mine vast open data catalogues. 

What you'll learn:

  • Describe the fundamental elements of data
  • Explain the structure and importance of the Canadian Census
  • Mine Canadian Census data, and open data for B.C. at provincial and municipal scales
  • Assess basic public datasets
  • Perform the most common and critical operations in data analysis
  • Understand the limits in data analysis

Who should take this program?

Consider taking this certificate if you are an emerging or established professional who wants to add a foundational and functional understanding of quantitative community data usage and research to your toolkit. 

The Community Data Science Certificate is designed to help you develop a skills foundation in the acquisition, analysis and communication of data specializing in community planning, real estate and public policy. If you have basic or intermediate skills and interests in this area, you will likely be a good fit for this program.

Combined with your prior education in areas such as social sciences, urban planning and design, the program is intended to increase your competitiveness and competency for positions at all levels in the public, private and non-profit sectors.