Part-time, in class Community Data Science Certificate

Build a professional network of community planning, real estate and public policy professionals

Gain exposure to new ideas and multi-disciplinary perspectives as you systematically work through community-based data analytics problems as a cohort. 

Start with the foundations

The first course, Community Data Science Theory and Practice, is a balance of “where,” “how,” “what” and “why” of working with data, and understanding their possibilities and limitations for informing evidence-based decisions.

Using the Canadian Census as a foundational structured dataset, you'll develop a rigorous and pragmatic approach to accessing, evaluating, retrieving, and analyzing this data. You'll also learn where and how to mine vast open data catalogues. 

What you'll learn:

  • Describe the fundamental elements of data
  • Explain the structure and importance of the Canadian Census
  • Mine Canadian Census data, and open data for B.C. at provincial and municipal scales
  • Assess basic public datasets
  • Perform the most common and critical operations in data analysis
  • Understand the limits in data analysis