Part-time, in class Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials


Thank you for your interest in our Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials program. As part of SFU’s ongoing Quality Assurance commitment, the program is now undergoing a review as part of SFU’s program renewal cycle. We are taking this opportunity to offer all courses within the program one last time as we explore the program’s future and ensure that it meets the evolving needs of our students. 

You are welcome to register for individual courses, but we can no longer accept new applications to the program. Completing these courses will not entitle you to receive the program certificate.  

Please note that these courses will not be available beyond the dates listed. View the final schedule.

Turn your passion into a craft brewing career

SFU's Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials Certificate will help you turn your passion into a career. Combining theory with practice, we'll teach you the science, art and business of craft beer.

Designed to fit the working professional's schedule, this program is for anyone who is interested in craft beer and beer production. It's ideal if you'd like to begin a career in the craft beer industry, or if you'd like to add to your expertise as a current industry professional.

Rufino completed our program and went on to co-found Vancouver's Factory Brewing. Read his story

Learn the craft and business of beer

In collaboration with industry professionals from craft breweries and brew pubs throughout B.C., we've developed a series of courses that will provide a comprehensive overview of the craft brewing industry, teach you to create and brew a delicious craft beer from start to finish, and give you the skills you need to operate and market a successful beer business.

In addition to completing coursework, you'll tour local breweries to connect with industry professionals and see different craft brewing techniques in action.

Join a booming local industry

Whether you hope to open your own brewery or brewpub or join an existing operation, there are a variety of job opportunities in B.C.'s craft beer industry:

  • Brewing
  • Production
  • Creative direction
  • Operations
  • Media relations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Tap room management
  • Bartending
  • Events management
  • Business development