Part-time, online Editing Certificate

Instructors in SFU’s editing program

Most of our editing instructors are professional editors and members of local and national editing associations.

  • Ellen Ashdown

    Ellen Ashdown is a senior technical writer with over 16 years' experience in writing for... read more

  • Kevin Barefoot

    Kevin Barefoot is a technical writer and support manager who operates Barefoot Consulting, a... read more

  • Iva Cheung

    Iva Cheung, MSc., MPub., has been active in publishing since 2001 and has edited books, academic... read more

  • Claudia Cornwall

    Claudia Cornwall, BA Hons, PhD, is a successful freelance writer whose second book, Letter from... read more

  • Andrea Coutu

    Andrea Coutu, MBA, runs Vancouver's Trustmode Marketing. In 2006, she started blogging about her... read more

  • Kathryn Dean

    Kathryn Dean is a freelance editor and writer who has done "grammar therapy" on thousands... read more

  • Heather Ebbs

    Heather Ebbs has been indexing, editing and writing as an independent professional since 1985. She... read more

  • Florian Ehrensperger

    Florian Ehrensperger has been indexing serials and books since 2004, with MIT Press, Oxford... read more

  • Flora Gordon

    Flora Gordon loves making the most of creative opportunities. Specializing in communication design,... read more

  • Inez Gowsell

    Inez Gowsell, BA, is a technical writer at SAP Business Objects, an international software company... read more

  • Pat Graca

    There is a multitude of us riding this planet for whom apostrophe catastrophes, quotation... read more

  • Adriana Harper

    Adriana Harper graduated from the University of Calgary in 2004 with a BA in communication studies,... read more

  • Vlad Konieczny

    Vlad Konieczny, BA, MA, is a freelance writer and instructor with more than 25 years of writing and... read more

  • Lisa Manfield

    Lisa Manfield is a writer, editor and content strategist. She has developed print and web content... read more

  • Jesse Marchand

    Jesse Marchand has been working as an editor in publishing and journalism for over 12 years. She is... read more

  • Audrey McClellan

    Audrey McClellan has been editing and indexing trade and academic books and textbooks since 1984.... read more

  • Ann-Marie Metten

    Ann-Marie Metten is a certified professional editor with a lifetime of experience... read more

  • Lana Okerlund

    Lana Okerlund is a freelance editor and indexer and a partner with West Coast Editorial Associates.... read more

  • Judy Phillips

    Judy Phillips is a freelance editor with more than 20 years of experience in the publishing... read more

  • Wendy Plain

    A member of Editors Canada, Wendy Plain is a freelance editor whose clients include individual... read more