End-of-Life Studies

By 2026 the number of Canadians dying each year will increase by 40 per cent, to 330,000. Yet Canada ranks only 11th in the 2015 Quality of Death Index released by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

To address this discrepancy, we are introducing a series of courses that explore a comprehensive range of end-of-life issues with experts in the field. Taking a multicultural and interdisciplinary perspective, you will develop your understanding of today’s rapidly changing approaches to end of life, integrating insights from the medical, scientific, humanities, spiritual, ethical, legal and social science disciplines. Regardless of your role, these workshops will enhance your ability to participate in improving the end-of-life experience for Canadians.



3-4 days/course

Sat daytime


Take our end-of-life-studies courses one at a time to suit your work schedule.

Upcoming end-of-life studies course:

January 2020

7 Introduction to Health and Safety Systems OHS505 OHS505-SU1201

7 Safety Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control OHS520 OHS520-SU12011

8 Workplace Wellness OHS540 OHS540-SU12011

9 Management of Health and Safety Systems OHS510 OHS510-SU1201

May 2020

5 Fundamentals of Occupational Hygiene OHS515 OHS515-SU12041

5 Introduction to Health and Safety Systems OHS505 OHS505-SU1204

6 Health and Safety Legislation and Policy OHS525 OHS525-SU12041

7 Health and Safety Risk Management OHS530 OHS530-SU12041

More courses

We are continuing to expand our course offerings. We will offer the following courses in the near future:

Who are these courses for?

We’re designing our courses for those involved in:

  • Health care
  • Spiritual advising
  • Policy-making
  • Research
  • Education
  • Gerontology
  • Social work
  • Alternative medicine
  • Volunteering
  • Caregiving

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