Part-timeExecutive Leadership Certificate


The Executive Leadership Certificate has been developed around six complexity mindsets that are essential for leadership in today's dynamic and complex world. Throughout the program you'll cultivate new ways of thinking, acting and being, as we help you develop these mindsets:

Adaptive Mindset: Treating the future as an unfolding mystery in which it is more effective to continuously adjust than to stick to preconceived plans

Developmental Mindset: Engaging in continuous learning and growth for self and others, relying on everyday situations as learning opportunities

Collaborative Mindset: Recognizing the limits of one’s own perspective and the need for tapping into the knowledge of others by asking the right questions

Equity Mindset: Seeing the value of diversity and intentionally leveling the playing field in recognition of systemic inequality

Whole System Mindset: Diagnosing and analyzing problems at their roots, beyond their apparent parameters, and with an eye to complexity and interconnectedness

Catalytic Mindset: Striving to proactively co-create the desired future

"There is nothing more critical to the success of an organization’s strategy than the quality of the people who lead that strategy. And while most of our past education and on-the-job experience has built up our management skills, what the world needs today is a new way of thinking. This is different than acquiring a new set of skills. It’s a mindset switch: to come at complexity from a place of curiosity; to achieve breakthroughs using systems-thinking; and, to push down our egos, in order to increase our adaptability as change accelerates." — Catherine Roome, President & CEO, BC Safety Authority

Introduction to Complexity Mindsets
Whole System Mindset
Developmental Mindset
Adaptive Mindset
Collaborative Mindset
Equity Mindset
Catalytic Mindset