Part-time, in class, or in class/onlineExecutive Leadership Certificate

Traditional leadership training has long focused on technical and managerial skills. But our rapidly changing world demands a richer, deeper understanding of leadership as a dynamic process. Today’s leaders need to be authentic, forward-thinking, agile, collaborative and innovative. Our Executive Leadership Certificate is designed for experienced and emerging leaders ready to develop these new ways of thinking and behaving in order to lead in complex and uncertain times.

"SFU’s approach is inspired thinking. Their new Executive Leadership Program has curated a profoundly exciting, future-focused experience—one that will become even richer with the unique diversity of leaders participating." —Catherine Roome, President & CEO, BC Safety Authority

Who is this program for?

Our intensive, part-time program will benefit both emerging and experienced leaders in the private, public or non-profit sector. You’ll learn alongside professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as:

  • Corporate executives dealing with growing globalization and the need to work across cultures
  • Business leaders forced to adjust strategies to meet new demands for innovation in a globally competitive market
  • Executive directors in non-profit settings navigating multi-stakeholder engagement to address systemic problems
  • Senior managers in the public sector rising to the expectations of a new workforce that questions hierarchical organizational structures
  • Change agents working to address system-wide, intractable social problems

Transform your leadership practice

Through a combination of rich discussion and hands-on experience, you will develop six essential mindsets and the practical strategies you need to be competitive and thrive in an era of complexity. Our program will enable you to:

  • Understand the 21st-century context and analyze leadership frameworks and mental models
  • Cultivate a sense of personal mastery and strengthen interpersonal skills for working across difference
  • Develop and apply six complexity mindsets for navigating change and catalyzing innovation  
  • Learn new ways of analyzing and intervening in system change within organizations and across interconnected societal systems
  • Acquire and sharpen practical skills and capacities to act effectively in the face of today’s challenges

Learn from both peers and instructors

In a cohort of other professionals, and taught by our expert instructional team, you'll workshop your most pressing leadership challenges. You’ll also work with an executive coach, who will help you deeply integrate and apply what you learn in the program.

Designed to accommodate working professionals, we offer this part-time program in two formats: face-to-face in Vancouver, or through a combination of face-to-face and flexible online courses. Our Executive Leadership program consists of four core courses and a fifth course that will help you apply all of your learning. This fifth course, Leadership in Action: Applications for Professional Practice, includes classroom and online sessions, plus one-on-one meetings with your executive coach.