Full-timeCareer Development Practitioner Certificate


Your instructors are industry professionals whom we choose on the basis of their academic credentials, experience, and teaching abilities. All possess a minimum of 10 years' direct experience as career practitioners.

  • Anne Bulstrode

    Anne Bulstrode’s goal in life is to help others achieve their full potential. As part of her... read more

  • Donna Cottell

    Donna Cottell’s broad background in education and training includes 20 years in the employment... read more

  • Jill Eddy

    Jill Eddy (BA, CIMBS) is a career advisor at Simon Fraser University, where she provides guidance... read more

  • Deanne Esdale

    Deanne Esdale began working in the fields of careers, education and communications nearly 20 years... read more

  • Michael Ford

    Michael Ford brings a diverse background to his career development work, teaching and studies. He... read more

  • Mark Gruenheid

    For over two decades, Mark Gruenheid has dedicated his energy to the inclusion of persons with... read more

  • Jane Keresztes

    Jane Keresztes thrives on counselling teens and adults to realize their goals, fulfill their dreams... read more

  • Danielle Kershaw

    Danielle Kershaw is a career education manager with SFU’s Career & Volunteer Services and a... read more

  • Pam Khinda

    Pam Khinda is a Certified Career Development Practitioner with more than 15 years... read more

  • Magdalena Mot

    Magdalena Mot’s background in education, career development and business administration brings... read more

  • Lisa Stephen

    Lisa Stephen (B.A, B.Ed.) has applied her expertise as a career educator, workshop facilitator and... read more

  • Kristin Vandegriend

    Kristin Vandegriend is a trusted career consultant and educator/trainer with a passion for... read more

  • Monique Wong

    An immigrant from Hong Kong, Monique Wong identifies as cisgender and heterosexual. Monique is a... read more