Part-time, in class Liberal Arts Certificate for 55+ (Non-Credit)

Program details

Write one essay per course

You may choose from our daytime courses for adults 55+, or from our evening and weekend liberal arts courses that are open to everyone. For each course, you'll complete a short, typed, double-spaced essay of four to six pages (1,000–1,500 words). Rather than an overview of what the course covered, your essay should be a thoughtful and personal response to one or both of the following questions:

  1. How did this course contribute to your appreciation and knowledge of the subject?
  2. In what way did this course change your thinking?

Graduation requirements

We award the liberal arts certificate to adults 55+ who complete a minimum of 128 hours in class ("contact hours") and submit a satisfactory essay for each course. Most courses are six weeks long and meet once per week for two-hour sessions; this means that you can apply 12 hours per course to the 128 contact hours you need to graduate.

Courses: What you should expect

We offer most of our courses in a lecture format with some discussion. We encourage you to contribute your perspectives in class discussions, but apart from courses designated as seminars, we don't require it.

All of our courses are university-level, but course content is specifically designed to be accessible to students of all educational backgrounds and experiences.

Take our courses without completing essays

You’re welcome to take as many courses as you like without enrolling in the liberal arts certificate. If you decide to choose this option, we won’t require you to complete essays.

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