Part-time, in classSocial Innovation Certificate


The Innovator’s Journey

Through six courses, our Social Innovation Certificate introduces the building blocks and core concepts of social innovation through an applied learning process modelled on the Innovator’s Journey.

The journey begins in this first course as we reframe how problems are defined. You’ll use tools of systems thinking, human-centred design, and innovative research to reframe and deepen your thinking about a social problem. From this larger view, ideas for new interventions can be generated and tested with the wider ‘ecosystem’ of individuals and organizations.

In the next course, we consider the design and application of methods such as change labs, collective impact and other ‘containers’ for risk-taking and the development of comprehensive solutions. 

The third course is a pivot point, where the personal aspects of leadership are emphasized through self-reflection and a deeper dive into your own purpose and intent. 

In this course, our focus shifts to implementation, resourcing, partnership and collaboration, and how to navigate different sectoral and institutional boundaries.

The journey continues on to the implementation and scaling of innovations. In this course, we’ll cover topics including business models for scaling, policy change, and understanding different leverage points for impact across systems.

Over the course of the program, you’ll benefit from applied learning and mentor support, and by building out your own social innovation strategy canvas. The practicum and coaching course is ongoing and designed to support practical learning throughout the program. You will have the opportunity to work on an innovation project relevant to your work context, with one-on-one and peer coaching woven throughout. (This course is open only to accepted certificate students.)