Part-time, in classSocial Innovation Certificate

What will you learn in this program?

Our Social Innovation Certificate will enable you to:

Understand social innovation frameworks and concepts
  • Situate your work and that of others in a systemic context and see new possibilities for integrative solutions 
  • Increase familiarity with a range of perspectives on social innovation including philanthropic, civil society, public sector and social service innovation, corporate social innovation, social finance and social entrepreneurship  
  • Know how, when and why to apply social innovation approaches and tools, including systems thinking, design and innovation methods, financial tools, and collaborative processes.
Increase professional skills and competencies
  • Experience getting out of an organizational or sectoral box and practise seeing and engaging wider system dynamics 
  • Engage complex problems in new ways, including observing and mapping systems with greater clarity, diagnosing problems, experimenting and iterating
  • Developing real-time flexibility in thinking, strategy and action
  • Understand how to create a safe container with groups that allows for trust, risk-taking, creativity and new forms of collective action 
  • Coach peers and participate in a learning community with colleagues working on diverse issues 
Deepen awareness and leadership capacity
  • Increase your clarity of purpose and flexibility in the role of change-maker, innovator or entrepreneur 
  • Use somatic, awareness-based and experiential practices in support of social innovation
  • Practise the leadership and relationship skills necessary for creating transformative impact
  • Explore emergence, complexity and the qualities of awareness helpful for navigating ambiguous situations and conflict
  • Practise mindfulness, empathy and system sensing 
  • Gain fluency in a variety of “frames,” including taking multiple perspectives, understanding mindsets and using different lenses to see dimensions of systems

Our program will strip theories, tools and processes to their essence, emphasizing their core purposes and principles. This approach will help you invent new ways to solve the real-world challenges you’re engaged with.