Part-time, in classSocial Innovation Certificate

Update: The Practicum / Coaching / Integration course, available to certificate students only, will be open for registration in fall 2021, once details are finalized.


Practicum / Coaching / Integration

This module is woven throughout the program, providing you with in-depth and personalized support to integrate and apply the insights and experiences you gain from the other modules. It will help you clarify what you will do differently and how you will show up differently, as you move further along in the Innovator’s Journey. 

Practicum project
By “practicum” we mean a project or initiative, not a work placement. You’ll hone an innovative idea for the system you work in or are passionate about. You can frame the project to meet your own needs, including:

  • Scoping and designing an intervention for a context/challenge you are passionate about
  • Developing and testing an innovative intervention for a specific challenge faced by or within your organization, community, or community of collaborators
  • Collaborating with fellow participants on their focus area or an area you jointly choose

Throughout the program, you’ll take part in one-to-one executive coaching, peer-to-peer coaching, and group mentoring. You can choose to have your coaching focus on your practicum, on developing specific competencies, or on clarifying your purpose and direction as a social innovator. Peer-to-peer coaching calls will allow you to participate in a learning community with colleagues working on diverse issues, while group mentoring will let you tap into the wisdom, experience and networks of the seasoned social innovators we invite to lead the sessions.

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to do the following:


  • Diagnose a specific social challenge
  • Develop and test innovative ways to address your challenge in the field or through your organization
  • Apply the arc of innovation that you’ve learned in other courses to a real-life example


  • Clarify your passion, purpose and “learning edges”
  • Identify and call forth personal skills and qualities that support your role in creating change
  • Ask for support and feel comfortable with uncertainty and vulnerability as part of the innovation process
  • Grow peer-to-peer networks of support, including communities of practice


  • Reflect back what worked in your practicum, what didn’t and why
  • Evaluate the impact of actions taken and refine the interventions/options
  • Share and learn from the experience of others

How will I learn?

  • Advance readings
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Group discussion
  • Applied project work

Who should take this course?

This course is reserved for those enrolled in the full Social Innovation Certificate.

How will I be evaluated?

You will be evaluated based on the demonstrated application of what you’ve learned, your engagement with other students and your coach, and a final presentation and reflection paper on your practicum project.