Part-time, in classSocial Innovation Certificate

What is social innovation?

Sally is battling the overdose crisis on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside using what she's learned about social innovation practices. Read her story

Social innovation refers to a rapidly growing array of new techniques and methods for unleashing solutions to today’s deeply rooted social, ecological and psycho-cultural challenges. The goals of social innovation can range from breaking down silos by linking new people and organizations together, to scaling a successful social enterprise, or implementing new policy ideas and collaborations. In effect, social innovation is a “big tent” containing practices and thinking that support individuals and organizations tackling complex social issues. 

Increase your ability to create social impact

Grad Moréniké found a new approach to her non-profit work through social innovation. Read her story

Our Social Innovation Certificate is for professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors who want to find effective, sustainable solutions to complex problems. You’ll take the program with a group of other professionals, including:

  • Public servants legislating and funding new ways to address intractable social problems
  • Business leaders harnessing market forces to generate positive impact
  • Experienced change agents seeking new ways to support social justice
  • Experts focusing on public health, environmental or human rights issues
  • Activists, community leaders, designers and social entrepreneurs working from the local to global level

Learn from experienced professionals and peers

Our Social Innovation Certificate instructors are leading practitioners. Recognized social innovators will join the cohort as guest lecturers and coaches, and will participate in the wider peer network.

Perhaps most inspiring is the cohort of new colleagues you’ll meet and learn from. Because you all bring broad experience and knowledge to the program, we include peer coaching as well as executive coaching. Together you will challenge each other’s thinking and deepen your capacities for positive change. 

Gain practical ways to produce meaningful change

Our program consists of five three-day courses and a practicum/coaching course. Each course presents frameworks, tools and methods to advance social innovation, along with practical ways to build what you learn into your work.

We have designed our certificate to have a transformative impact on your worldview and practice of social change. It will strip theories, tools and processes to their essence, emphasizing their core purposes and principles so you can access new ways to solve the real-world challenges you’re engaged with.