Stepping Stones Certificate in Community Capacity Building


Six online courses in community capacity building

  • Foundational Skills for Project Planning | CCB

    Community projects are exciting, rewarding, and often challenging. Working with others to achieve common goals is one of the best ways to build a strong community, but without a solid plan, the process can be frustrating. The first course in the Stepping Stones Community Capacity Building Program will introduce you to some of the core concepts, contexts, and tools of community capacity building. You will be able to draw on what you learn throughout the rest of the program and as you plan your community project.

  • Community-Based Project Planning CCBS110 | CCBS110

    In the second course of the Certificate in Community Capacity Building, you will practice the skills you’ve been learning in the first course, Foundational Skills for Project Planning, and apply them as you make a detailed and realistic project plan. You will use this plan for your community project. 

  • Foundational Skills for Project Implementation CCBS115 | CCBS115

    Doing a community project that addresses complex community issues and engages with multiple stakeholders can be fun, frustrating, rewarding, challenging, and uplifting—sometimes all at once! This course focuses on skills that you will use to carry out your project plan. You will also learn creative strategies for overcoming obstacles that sometimes come up during community projects.

  • Community-Based Project Implementation CCBS120 | CCBS120

    In this course, you will practice all that you’ve learned in your community project. Working closely with your instructor, tutors, others in your cohort, and any number of community supporters, you’ll work to implement the plan that you’ve made and see your community vision become a reality. Throughout, you’ll practice strategies for maintaining momentum and staying organized.

  • Evaluation of Community-Based Projects CCBS125 | CCBS125

    Completing a community project is a valuable activity in itself, but how do you know what impact you’ve had? How do you tell others about the change you can see in your community? How can you learn and grow from the process so that you can do even better next time? In this course, you will learn how to evaluate your project and what you have learned. You will also learn how to plan your next steps and wrap up the process. 

  • Individual Learning CCBS130 | CCBS130

    Even when working with a group, you will always want to pursue your own interests and strengthen specific skills and knowledge. In this course, you will take a personal learning journey, pursue your goals, and deepen your education. You will also make a difference in your community. Your instructor will support you in this process and help you create a learning portfolio that captures all of the creative ways you are learning to engage with your community and your learning goals.

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