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In addition to having their work published regularly, many graduates of the Writer’s Studio have been shortlisted for and won regional and national awards and competitions. Our alumni have published a wide range of work, including novels, memoirs, narrative non-fiction books, chapbooks, short story collections, poetry collections, newspaper articles, magazine articles, journal articles, fiction pieces, poems and more. View our list of alumni authors here. 

Other graduates have gone on to complete MA and MFA degrees in literature and creative writing, or pursue careers in editing, publishing, or teaching. We have even had alumni launch their own journals, magazines, podcasts and other projects. 

Meet our graduates

Ethel Whitty

John Mavin

Carys Cragg

The Writer's Studio Reunion & Graduation


Claire De Boer: 'The Writer's Studio made me realize I'm a writer'

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    • Tanya Boteju

      Tanya Boteju published her first YA book—and received a contract for a second—just months after finishing the online program.
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    • Carys Cragg

      Carys Cragg joined the graduate workshop to write her full manuscript, which led to its publication.
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    • Raoul Fernandes

      After completing the Writer's Studio, Raoul Fernandes published his first book of poetry and earned a B.C. Book Prize.
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    • Ayelet Tsabari

      Ayelet Tsabari’s success story is every author’s dream. She approached HarperCollins with a collection of short fiction—and heard from them within an hour.
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    • Chelene Knight

      It took Chelene a while to become comfortable calling herself a writer. You could say she’s now making up for lost time.
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    • Janie Chang

      Janie Chang came to The Writer's Studio to nurture a dream. Now she's published internationally.
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    • Renée Sarojini Saklikar

      "Why would you want to write a line if you're not going to try and do the absolute best you can?" asks Renee, a grad of The Writer's Studio.
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    • Wanda John-Kehewin

      Wanda John-Kehewin had a goal when she entered The Writers Studio: to write with raw honesty. Today, a published book of poetry suggests that she’s accomplished what she set out to do.
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    • Claire De Boer

      Claire De Boer has wanted to be a writer since she was a little girl. It took The Writer’s Studio to make her realize she already was.
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    • Gurjinder Basran

      Sometimes, life hinges on a few moments. Five years ago, Gurjinder Basran was a telecom manager, a wife, and a mother of two. Today, she adds award-winning novelist to her list because someone asked her one question: “What happens next?”
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