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The Writer’s Studio 2016 students

  • Fiction

    Michel Beaudry

    Storyteller, poet, adventurer Michel Beaudry has spent the last 35 years offering his readers a backstage pass to the singular world of extreme sports. His award-winning stories have appeared in GQ, Readers' Digest, Outside, Equinox and many more.

  • Non-Fiction

    Carolyn Bentley

    Carolyn has worked as a costumer in film for the past 20 years. Prior to that she wrote and performed stand up comedy and theatre pieces. She holds a BPE from U.B.C. and an MA from Western Washington University.

  • Poetry and Lyric Prose

    Christina Boschmann

    Christina is a poet from Berlin who grew up in London. Her experience of being a world citizen features as a  central theme in her work. Christina likes to mix her background as a Portrait Photographer and visual storyteller with words in poetry. 

  • Non-Fiction

    Yaron Sidney Butterfield

    Yaron grew up on the beautiful North Shore. With a BSc. in Biochemistry, a minor in Cultural Anthropology and Cert. of Liberal Arts, he has a wide range of interests and passions. He's a cancer researcher and enjoys running, painting and writing.

  • Speculative Fiction

    Emma Cleary

    Emma Cleary is from Liverpool, England and has a PhD for her work on maps and sound in literature. She taught at Staffordshire University before moving to Vancouver. Her short fiction appears in Lighthouse, Shooter, and Best British Short Stories 2015.

  • Narrative Non-Fiction

    Clara Cristofaro

    Clara writes about the little things that ask to be brought into the light. She enjoys short stories, new notebooks, hoppy beer, and running on forest trails. She lives with her family in New Westminster, BC.

  • Poetry

    Zoe J. Dagneault

    Zoe is currently published in The Maynard and is collaborating in Art Song Lab, 2016. Her recent work explores motherhood through emo-techno-pastoral portraits. Zoe lives and writes in East Vancouver.

  • Poetry and Lyric Prose

    Carole Harmon

    I have followed a winding road to reach this programme via theatre, photography, regional publishing, and arts related business ventures. I grew up in Banff National Park thus our relationship to nature underpins much of my work. 

  • Speculative Fiction

    Cameron Johnson

    Cameron Johnson has experience writing travel articles and book reviews, and he’s worked for more than 10 years as an editor. This means he fears dangling modifiers as much as the existential threats to humanity he writes about in his speculative fiction.

  • Non-Fiction

    Kamile Kapel

    Kamile Kapel is the owner of Spontaneous Productions video company as well as an improvisational singer, musician, and hands on healer. She has been writing an intimate diary the last two years which she is looking forward to shaping into a memoir.

  • Poetry

    Jan Klimas

    Bald, Skinny & Tall - Scientist, Artist, Thinker & Writer. More at

  • Non-Fiction

    Eric Macnaughton

    Eric is a researcher in the area of mental health and homelessness. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and two sons, as well as two guinea pigs. When not traveling, he "works at home", plugging away on his laptop, while sometimes listening to CBC.

  • Fiction

    Emmet Matheson

    Pedestrian by nature, drives a minivan when he must. Curator of the world’s largest online collection of hot dog litter photographs. Originally from Saskatchewan.

  • Fiction

    Renee McTavish

    Renee McTavish is a (mostly) reformed technical writer who prefers fiction to software manuals. She is working on her first novel and a few short stories; when she's not doing that, she can be found creating things with a crochet hook and some wool.

  • Fiction

    Loghan Paylor

    Loghan Paylor graduated from Concordia University's creative writing program, and has worked as a journalist, writing instructor and theatre critic. Loghan lives in Abbotsford with their partner, two cats and a mischievous husky dog.

  • Fiction

    Hannah Cameron Phillips

    Hannah is currently seeking her path in life, described ever-and-always as a process of awakening. Her writing is an integral part of this. With an accredited background in physics, she has finally turned her primary focus to the world of words.

  • Narrative Non-Fiction

    Ben Ross

    Ben was a General Surgeon in Langley BC from 1999–2013. He is a graduate of UBC Medicine (1993) and General Surgery at Dalhousie University (1993–1999.) He is married with three children and lives in South Langley. He enjoys whiskey and soccer

  • Fiction

    Jasmine Frances Sealy

    British-born, Bajan-bred, Vancouver-dwelling twenty-something. I tell lies on the internet, occasionally in rhyme.

  • Speculative Fiction

    Crystal Soto

    An Aborginal/Scottish Writer raised on Vancouver Island.

    I try not to stick with one Genre. I  enjoy writing Romance or even Horror. I love creating worlds and stories that portray strong female characters. I even want to do a children's book.

  • Poetry

    Sylvia Symons

    Sylvia grew up a few kilometres north of Prince George's city limits.  A puzzling number of logging trucks appear in her poems.  She now lives with her husband and sons in Vancouver where she teaches ESL at Langara College.

  • Non-Fiction

    Lucía Terra

    Lucía I. Terra has a background in anthropology, languages, education and peace studies. For the past 12 years she has worked as an independent non-fiction writer, editor and translator based (mostly) in beautiful Vancouver.

  • Poetry and Lyric Prose

    Heather Walmsley

    My poetic quest is to write into human amnesia, the shadow of rationality, our mystical and sensuous intimacies in nature. Raised in Yorkshire, I have a PhD in Sociology, was recently a Banting Fellow at UBC, and am inspired by two magical daughters.

  • Fiction

    Martina Wolff

    Martina Wolff is from Germany, but prefers to write in English. She has previously worked as an editor, translator and journalist. Martina writes short stories, movie scripts and will try to complete her first novel for TWS 2016.

  • Speculative Fiction

    Alessia Yaworsky

    Alessia has lived in Vancouver, Italy and South Africa, and continues to enjoy travelling (when not reading, writing or exploring local hiking trails). “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Dead Poets Society

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