Part-time, in class Urban Design Certificate

Program details

Format Part-time in Vancouver except Studio I, which we offer in Surrey, and Studio II, which we offer in Burnaby.
Schedule Most courses take place from Friday to Saturday. Studio I: Analytic Tools and Studio II: Synthesis of Urban Form run from Thursday to Saturday.
Duration You’ll complete all core courses sequentially within 10 months. You can complete the two electives any time within two years of beginning the program.
Upcoming term The next program begins September 25, 2019.
Courses There are six core courses and two electives.
Learning materials We will provide custom course materials. The cost of any textbooks is included in your tuition. 
Tuition Tuition for the certificate is based on the sum of individual course fees, which range from $650 to $1412.  

Discount for certificate students:
Students successfully accepted into the certificate program before September 2, 2019 are eligible for a 10% discount on all core courses paid before September 9, 2019. This discount is not applicable for students who paid for core courses before being accepted into the certificate program. A promo code will be provided in your application approval email.
Application fee $75 (non-refundable)
Application deadline Sept 2, 2019

Start with the first course

If you’re not ready for a program, we invite you to start with the first course, Urban Design Theory and Practice, which begins September 25, 2019. It's useful on its own or as a foundation for the rest of the program. After completing the course, you'll have the option of applying to the program and finishing the certificate.

Most other urban design courses are also available for individual registration, if space is available. Visit the course section for details.

Coursework: What to expect

You’ll complete reading before many of your courses begin. We’ll email you these assignments a week before the first class session.

If you’re a certificate student, you’ll complete take-home assignments for each course except the studio courses. For courses that run from September to November, assignments are due January 15. For courses that run from January to June, assignments are due June 15. You should plan to spend between 12 and 14 hours on each assignment, for which you’ll receive a letter grade.

In the studio courses, you’ll complete team presentations, for which you’ll receive a grade of pass or fail.

You’ll work through the program with a cohort—a group of professionals from across Canada with whom you’ll share professional experiences, ideas, and expertise.

Graduation requirements

To receive the Urban Design Certificate, complete all six core courses and two electives, including take-home assignments. You must submit all coursework within two years of starting the program.