Planning Your Day

Before you cross the stage

Carrying items

Don't carry anything onto the stage other than your diploma (and your hood if you are a graduate student).

  • Purses and cameras should be left with your guests.
  • Large bouquets of flowers or balloons might get squashed if you are carrying them, as the graduands are seated closely together.

Student with a disability?

If you are a student with a disability and you require assistance at your ceremony please complete the application for convocation assistance . Only certified service/guide animals may accompany students with disabilities to cross the stage.

Child minding

Make arrangements with family or friends for child-minding while you are convocating.

Your photograph

Your photograph will be taken before you go up the ramp to the stage. Staff volunteers will be there to help you.


See the Convocation in 8 stages video.

For further information or assistance on the day of your ceremony, please contact:

  • Undergraduates: 778.782.6930
  • Graduate students: 778.782.3042