Planning Your Day

What you will wear

You will wear a gown, a "hood" which drapes around your shoulders and signifies the degree you earned, and a hat. You can see pictures of your regalia in advance.

You are welcome to wear ceremonial First Nations' regalia or law enforcement formal dress uniform in place of or with SFU regalia.  Please check with regalia staff for assistance.

SFU volunteers will make sure your gown fits, that you have the correct degree hood and it is pinned to your gown, and that your hat won't fall off. You don't have to worry about robing yourself.

Doctoral students do not have their hoods pinned on, but carry them and are "hooded" on stage.

Your hat (or "mortarboard") sits flat on your head and fits snugly, so keep your hairstyle simple. Doctoral students wear a softer hat that will cover most of their hair. Note that hair gels and other products will stain your hat.

If you're graduating with a Bachelor's or Master's degree, you will be able to take your mortarboard home with you as a memento of this special day. However, doctoral students must return their hats and hoods, and all graduands must return their gowns and hoods to our Regalia Return station after their ceremony. SFU does not sell hoods or gowns. You can purchase them through our supplier, Gaspard & Sons.

Make sure you hang the tassel on your hat to the left side of your face, so when you walk across the stage the tassel doesn't obscure your face from the audience.

What to wear with your regalia

  • Wear shoes that you can walk in! During the formal procession, you will be walking over concrete paths and up and down concrete stairs. 
  • Your gown will zip closed (note that PhD gowns are open); however, you should consider the weather when deciding what to wear underneath. The temperature is often quite cold or windy and you will be sitting outside (although under cover) for about two hours: dress accordingly. It may rain and there are occasions when it has been very warm.  Check the weather before your ceremony so you and your guests come prepared.  See The Weather Network.

Coat check

Our free coat check located near the regalia area is available to students and guests but is not liable for loss or theft. (Unclaimed items are forwarded to SFU Security one hour after each ceremony.)


See the Convocation in 8 stages video.

For further information or assistance on the day of your ceremony, please contact:

  • Undergraduates: 778.782.6930
  • Graduate students: 778.782.3042