Co-op Application Fee & Practicum Tuition

As a co-op student, you gain access to as much support as you need from your Co-op Coordinators. They are here to help guide and support you throughout the rest of your degree. The Co-op application fee and practicum tuition begin to provide partial funding for the education that you receive in the Program, including the below and more. Together, these fees do not cover the costs of providing co-operative education - SFU subsidizes much of the cost.


NOTE: For undergraduates, by applying to Co-op, you are agreeing to complete a minimum of three work semesters.

What are the Application Fee and Practicum Tuition?

Co-op Application Fee

  • As part of enrollment into the SFU Co-operative Education program, every student who applies must pay the Co-op application fee, when they first join Co-op.
  • Your Co-operative Education Application Form will be processed within 10 business days.  Once processed, the Co-op application fee will be posted to your goSFU Account.  

Co-op Practicum Tuition

  • You are responsible for paying the practicum tuition ONLY when you have secured a work term. This tuition must be paid every semester you are working in a Co-op position.

The Amounts for Both are Below: 

  Application Fee
(only paid once when register for Co-op)
Practicum Tuition
(paid per work term)
Domestic Students $149.40 $878.31
International Students $419.98

Learn More Details for Co-op Practicum Tuition:

What do I get from my Co-op application fee and practicum tuition?

One-on-one advice. The more you meet with your Co-op Coordinator, the more they can work with you to ensure that you are getting the full benefit of the Co-op program. With one in five SFU students participating in Co-op, it is important that you take the initiative to set up regular check-ins with your Coordinator.

Workshops (Resume, Cover Letter, Interview, and optional student-developed work term). Your Co-op team is constantly working with students to perfect their application skills, and are in contact with employers who provide feedback on the applications they are seeing. Your Coordinators are resume, cover letter and interview experts, and they are constantly working with co-op students – through workshops and one-on-one meetings – to increase their chances of landing co-op positions.

Site visits. Co-op staff visit students mid-way through their work terms to ensure that 1) their work term objectives are being met and 2) to hear about their successes and challenges on the job. Your first professional position can be both exciting and stressful; your Coordinator is there to help you navigate that experience with relative ease by answering any questions you may have or responding to any concerns.

Specialized Sessions. Each co-op department hosts specialized sessions for students at various times throughout the year.  These range from employer panels, industry specific recruitment fairs, networking & company info events.  Additional student sessions such as Networking or advanced and targeted job search workshops are offered to ensure our students needs and interests are being met. 

Mock interviews. Over the course of your Co-op degree, you will probably experience a few dozen interviews at least, if you are meeting our expectations, in terms of applying to a multitude of job opportunities. Your Co-op Coordinators and Advisors are available to meet with you one-on-one at your convenience to practice interviewing for these positions. Your Coordinator will often have insights into a particular workplace that can help you in your interview.

Working with Employers. Co-op staff are always seeking new and fulfilling work opportunities for students. Their time is split between preparing co-op students for the working world, and managing relationships with organizations in the community and around the world. 

Preparation for Working Abroad. Our international co-op coordinator is your resource for all things working abroad. We prepare 150 students each year for working in diverse work environments and adapting to foreign cultural norms. Each student that goes abroad for Co-op engages in a pre-departure preparatory curriculum, as well as touching base and debriefing with us upon return to SFU.

Professional Resources. You have 24/7 access to SFU OLC resources on many professional topics, including resumes, portfolios, work search, international work search, personal & professional development and more.