Bridging Online (BOL)

Welcome to Bridging Online Learning (BOL), the online Co-operative Education pre-employment course that all SFU Co-op student complete.

BOL is a unique skills transfer course that intends to help you identify and use your skills and knowledge in different contexts. Specifically, BOL will focus on helping you use what you have learned in school, work, volunteer and other experiences effectively in the workplace and vice versa.

BOL is divided into two courses: BOL I and BOL II, and each is delivered as an online course via Canvas.

  • BOL I is a two-week plus two-day online course and takes approx. 10-12 hours to complete. The main topics are skills transfer and drafting your resume and cover letter. You will complete BOL I after you have been accepted into your Co-op Program.
  • BOL II is a one-week plus two-day online course and takes approx. 5-7 hours to complete: The topics will help you transition-to and engage-with your workplace. Register for BOL II once you have been placed on your co-op work term.

BOL I Course Description

BOL I is designed to help you jump start your work integrated learning experience. Interactions with a facilitator and your peers will guide your learning. The material is presented with infographics, videos, and podcasts so there is not a lot of reading. Discussions, assignments, quizzes and self-directed activities will complement your learning. You will:

  • Explore your experiences and learn how your skills can transfer to a professional job
  • Learn the tools needed to write a professional and convincing resume and cover letter
  • Understand your career goals and the variety of paths you can take to success
  • Reflect on yourself through an inclusive lens and learn how to communicate professionally in a diverse context

We are committed to the principle of universal learning in an inclusive environment. We invite participation from all students with the diverse identities that we each bring to the course. Mutual respect, civility, an understanding of ourselves and our peers, and the ability to listen carefully are crucial to universal learning. Active, thoughtful, and respectful participation in all aspects of the course will make our time together as productive and engaging as possible.

BOL II Course Description

BOL II is designed to prepare you for an effective transition into the workplace. Interactions with facilitators, an employer expert and your peers will guide your learning.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the logistics and expectations of the Co-op Program
  • Learn how to set learning objectives for your work term
  • Build on prior learning experiences to help you succeed in the first week on the job
  • Develop awareness of workplace culture and the attitudes that will enhance your success on the job
  • Distinguish the critical elements of building relationships in the workplace
  • Identify effective communication strategies
  • Recognize effective elements of being a team member
  • Respect professional conduct in the workplace
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities including workplace safety and freedom from harassment
  • Understand employer rights and responsibilities
  • Prepare to make a lasting impression


BOL I: Register once you have applied and been accepted to Co-op.

BOL II: Register once you have been placed on your co-op work term.

Register via the events calendar in myExperience.

BOL Session Offerings and Registration


BOL Course and Registration: Tricia O'Hagan | email: | phone: 778.782.2667
BOL Manager: Amie McLean | email:  



Session #
Spring 2021
Session 1

January 4 - January 20

January 4 - January 13

Session 2

January 11 - January 27

January 11 - January 20

Session 3

January 18 - February 3

January 18 - January 27

Session 4

January 25 - February 10

January 25 - February 3

Session 5

February 1 - February 17


Session 6

February 8 - February 24


Session 7

February 15 - March 3

February 15 - February 24

Session 8

February 22 - March 10


Session 9

March 1 - March 17

March 1 - March 10

Session 10

March 8 - March 24


Session 11

March 15 - March 31


Session 12

March 22 - April 7

March 22 - March 31

Session 13

March 29 - April 14

March 29 - April 7

Session 14

April 5 - April 21

April 5 - April 14

Session 15 -

April 12 - April 21

Session 16 -

April 19 - April 28