Bridging Online (BOL)

Welcome to Bridging Online (BOL), the online Co-operative Education pre-employment course that all SFU Co-op students complete.

BOL is a unique skills transfer course that intends to help you identify and use your skills and knowledge beyond where they were learned. Specifically, BOL will focus on helping you use what you have learned in school effectively in the workplace and vice versa. Whereas many employment-oriented programs focus on “the tools” necessary for employment success such as the resume, cover letter, and interview, BOL helps you critically focus on how the content of those tools is learned, applied, and moved from one situation to another.   BOL is divided into two courses: BOL I and BOL II, and each is delivered as an online course via Canvas.

BOL I is a two-week plus two-day online course: The main topics are Skills Transfer and Communication Tools. You will complete BOL I after you have been accepted into your Co-op Program.

BOL II is a one-week plus two-day online course: The topics will help you transition-to and engage-with your workplace. Register for BOL II once you have been placed on your co-op work term.

What is the benefit of BOL?  

Students come to the Co-op program with various levels of experience and competence with respect to basic pre-employment preparation including the resume, cover letter, and work experience. BOL is beneficial in that it allows students to self-pace and review the basics of pre-employment curriculum, thus freeing up time in the face-to-face workshops for higher-level development. Also, it allows more of the face-to-face time to be spent doing those things which require face-to-face such as practice interviews.  

What outcomes does BOL offer?  

The outcomes of BOL are integral to experiential learning and help students to develop the skills needed to integrate their academic and work learning, and mobilize that learning to their advantage. The BOL courses will provide students with specific and practical information towards self-assessment, planning, and marketability to an employer.  The courses will teach students how to articulate and transfer their skills and classroom knowledge from university to an upcoming work environment and back. Finally, the BOL courses cover basic employment features such as: resume writing, interview skills, self-assessment, work ethics, worker rights and responsibilities, and teams in the workplace.  

Once students have completed the BOL, they are expected to be a more confident, self-directed learner. They will have acquired a better understanding of how their skills transfer from school to work and vice versa, and will have created an industry standard resume, cover letter, interview preparation materials, and have self-assessment examples.  

What are the advantages of BOL?  

BOL allows flexibility for all study styles. Since BOL is an online course, freedom is achieved as time, place, and distance are not limiting. Plus, students will be able to choose where and when to fit BOL into their busy schedules. Students can better manage their academic and work demands because BOL is self-paced. In addition, computer literacy skills are developed as all work is completed online in a shared learning environment.  

What are some features of BOL?  

BOL's discussions are one of its greatest features. These discussion areas allow for students, Co-op Educators, and industry experts to engage in discussion. The "Employer Expert" discussion is unique in that students will have an opportunity to gain first hand information from those with experience in industry. The discussions allow students to play with key course concepts, discuss ideas with peers, and relay concerns and questions to online facilitators. The discussions also allow students to post their important questions immediately.  

When should students take BOL I?  

Students who apply to Co-op and are accepted will be required to complete BOL I.  

When should students take BOL II?  

Register for BOL II once you have been placed on your co-op work term.

How do students register?  

BOL I and BOL II are offered during various sessions throughout each semester. To register for BOL, please go to myExperience. Login with your SFU email (including and click on Experiential Learning> Events Calendar.

How long does BOL take to complete?  

The BOL program is divided into two courses, BOL I and BOL II. BOL I is a two-week plus two-day online course and BOL II is a one-week plus two-day online course. It is recommended that students log on to their course for ~ 30 minutes- 40 minutes per day. This program is flexible because students can progress at their own pace. In the areas where experience is greater, students do not need to spend as much time learning things that they already know. For the topic areas that are new, or where language is a challenge, students will not feel pressured to rush through things that aren't familiar.  

BOL Session Offerings and Registration

Inquiries and Curriculum Manager

BOL Course and Registration: Tricia O'Hagan | email: | phone: 778.782.2667

BOL Manager:  Tomke Augustin | email:

Course schedule

Session #
Fall 2020

Session 1 September 7 - September 23 September 7 - September 16
Session 2 September 14 - September 30 September 14 - September 23
Session 3 September 21 - October 7 September 21 - September 30
Session 4 September 28 - October 14 September 28 - October 7
Session 5 October 5 - October 21 -
Session 6 October 12 - October 28 -
Session 7 October 19 - November 4 October 19 - October 28
Session 8 October 26 - November 11 -
Session 9 November 2 - November 18 November 2 - November 11
Session 10 November 9 - November 25 -
Session 11 November 16 - December 2 -
Session 12 November 23 - December 9 November 23 - December 2
Session 13 November 30 - December 16 November 30 - December 9
Session 14 December 7 - December 23 December 7 - December 16
Session 15 - December 14 - December 23