Facebook Photo Contest 2016

Contest Winners


Name: Nyssa Lessingham

Host Country: Portugal

Where can you find massa sovado as light and fluffy as your Portuguese Vavó makes it? Only in Portugal! I couldn't help but indulge in this traditional sweet bread while visiting Lisbon in March of this year. Made special for Páscoa (Easter) with the symbolic hard-boiled egg in the centre, this is just one of many delicious baked goods that captured my heart while in the capital city.


Name: Queenie Ho

Host Country: South Korea

One of my favourite Korean dishes is the kimchijeon (kimchi pancake). It has just the right balance of sour and spice, with delicate crispy bread crumbs, and a sweet dipping sauce to finish it off. I love eating this with a steaming bowl of traditional Korean soup and rice on the side. It's the perfect meal to keep you warm in the colder nights!


Name: Mila Luong

Host Country: South Korea

Samgyetang (삼계탕) is my favourite Korean dish. It is a chicken broth made from a baby chicken stuffed with sticky rice, garlic, jujubes and ginseng, topped with fresh onions. The chicken is super tender and I love the soup’s array of flavoring and earthy sweetness. It is a non-spicy well-known dish eaten during the summer days, where the ginseng helps to bring our bodies back to equilibrium from the raging heat.

Honourable Mentions

Click on the photos to learn more about the unique foods from students working abroad!

Name: Tien Lu

Host Country: Morocco

What distinguishes Moroccan cuisine is their expert use of vibrant spices and dried fruits in tagines and other slowly cooked dishes. This photo was taken in Jemaa El Fnaa Square, the heart of Marrakech's Medina, where storytellers, venders, dancers, and street food fills your senses.

Name: Tien Lu

Host Country: Morocco

I fell in so completely in love with Morocco for its vibrant, pulsating riot of colours, smells, and activity but above all for the people's strong sense of hospitality. Here, a glass of hot mint tea equates to a big hug, handshake, and smile all in one. It´s sweet and flavourful but the sense of welcome and conversations that it elicits makes mint tea my favourite food of Morocco. This photo was taken in a the workshop of a local sculptor in Marrakech who spent hours showing me his craft and sharing his experiences and stories. A day I will never forget.

Name: Tien Lu

Host Country: Morocco

Can we all agree that wine goes with anything and everything and (practically) every meal? The Spanish have wine down to a T but did you know that in Catalonia they have a special tradition dedicated to wine that tests your master ability to drink it? Porron is a glass pitcher with a narrow spout, filled with wine. You tip the wine into your mouth and slowly raise the porron as high as you can with your head tilted back. The pros can do it with the porron starting from the lifted position without spilling a single drop. I am clearly not a pro, but I had a blast attempting this with new friends in the mountains of Terragona, a province of Catalonia in Spain. See if you can master the porron the next time you're in Spain.

Name: Nyssa Lessingham

Host Country: Spain

Calçots: the spring onion at the centre of the Calçotada, a typical Catalan celebration. This food is my favourite because its brings friends and family together for a feast of fire roasted shallots dipped in a creamy, garlic tomato sauce. Take note: to follow tradition, lower this delicacy into your mouth from above your head as so and enjoy!

Many thanks to those who entered! Continue capturing your moments abroad for the next contest!

Contest Details

Culinary adventures are an exciting part of working and travelling abroad. Discover your host city's local specialties, bring out your photography skills, and show us a taste of your International Co-op experience!


  • Take a photo of yourself and your favourite food that is unique to your host country.
  • Write a brief food review. Tell us why this food is your favourite!
  • Submit your photo and caption to the Facebook Contest Form at http://tab.fo/intl-coop


October 17, 2016 at 4:00pm - October 31, 2016 at 11:59pm (PDT)


  • First Prize: $50 Cactus Club gift card
  • First Runner-Up Prize: $25 Starbucks gift card
  • Second Runner-Up Prize: $25 Starbucks gift card


  1. To participate, you must be currently on an International Co-op (Fall 2016) or have completed an International Co-op in Fall 2015, Spring 2016, or Summer 2016.
  2. Your photo must include yourself as well as the food that is unique to your host country.
  3. Your entry must be submitted through the Facebook contest form.
  4. Each entrant can enter a maximum of three photos in the contest.
  5. Voting will be in two stages. The first stage of voting will be open to the public. The ten submissions with the highest amount of votes will qualify for the second stage of voting where the winners will be selected by the Work Integrated Learning Department. Only one prize per entrant.
  6. By entering, you are allowing the release of your photos and written content for promotional purposes on SFU Coop's FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
  7. Discover something exotic!