As a co-op student  you are eligible to apply for co-op jobs within any program (i.e. Business, Communication, Sciences, etc.), if you meet the job posting requirements.  Keep your options open and browse postings across all programs.  

To ensure your best chance at success, be sure to check out our free career skills workshops through myExperience.  You’ll get professional advice on your resume, cover letter, interviewing and networking skills.

Want to learn critical job-hunting skills?

If you already know where you want to work and want to hone critical job-hunting skills you’ll need after graduation, we’ll help you develop your own Co-op job.  This is called a self-directed work term. Landing a Co-op job with a new employer who hasn’t hired a Co-op student before is a major coup.  This sets you on a course as a successful career networker.  We’ve got guidelines and  tools to assist you in approaching prospects. Come and talk with your Coordinator before beginning your job hunt.

How does the application process work?

Just like the real world, you’ll need to submit a new job application package through myExperience.  Here’s what’s needed for each job, in this order:

  1. SIS (Student Information Summary Form; available under Forms on the Arts & Social Sciences Co-op website)
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Resume
  4. Transcript

Check the deadline on the job description.  Your application is due at 12:00 midnight on that date. Not sure how to create and submit your application package?  We’ve got you covered.  You’ll find step-by-step instructions in our myExperience Manual (PDF).

How much time should you expect to spend on each application?

If you want to make your time count and you are serious about getting a job for the next semester, there are some habits we strongly recommend.  Students tell us again and again how much difference it makes when they do the following:

  1. Check myExperience every day.  Make a note of  the company and contact name, and application deadline. Job postings stay live between 3-14 days, usually shorter
  2. Keep track of deadline dates so you don’t miss good opportunities!
  3. Print hard copies of hot job descriptions. After the application deadline, they’re gone.

Self-Directed Work Term

Here’s where you secure your own Co-op job with an employer who has never hired a Co-op student before.  
Interested? Fill out our Self-Directed Work Term Form, bring it to your Co-op office and we’ll go from there.

Practice interviews with feedback and insights - Available 24/7.

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