Just like in the working world, your Co-op employer and co-workers will be references for future co-op jobs and full-time employment. You'll want to treat people at every level in the office with the same professional respect. Having secured your co-op job through our program, you are an ambassador for SFU at the workplace, not a "free agent." Be mindful that your behaviour and attitude on the job can affect your reputation and that of SFU Co-op. It can impact future opportunities for other co-op students.

Click here for key things to know when starting your work term.

Site Visits

As part of your Co-op experience, we schedule a site visit with you half-way through each work term.  Outside the Lower Mainland?  We might phone or email you instead of coming in person.  We’ll contact you to set up a time that works for both you and your supervisor.

What happens during a site visit? We’ll:

  • talk about your goals, achievements, and challenges
  • ensure that both you and your employer’s expectations are being met
  • address any issues or concerns raised by you or your employer
  • discuss your work term report
  • build our on-going relationship with the employer

Work report

Yes, more writing.  We want to read all about what you’ve learned and so do other students who may apply to your employer in the future.  Each time you do a work term, you’ll be completing a:

  • work term report
  • student evaluation
  • supervisor’s evaluation

all due by the 10th of the last month of your work term ( April 10, August 10, December 10). 

Work Report Guidelines for undergraduates are here. Master's Work Report Guidelines are here.

Making the Most of Your Work Term

If you find yourself working at a company you love and you want to stick around after your workterm you have extra incentive to really shine during your time. Rosie explains how to make your mark.

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What to Do Your First Week on the Job

It's OK to feel anxious and overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a new Co-op term. Previous students who have been there and survived it have advice on having a great first week.

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How to Say Good-Bye at Work

Saying good-bye is pretty common in the workplace, but how exactly to bid aideu to your coworkers can be a tough task to tackle.

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