Sample Jobs

Discover the different employment areas available in BPK Co-op. A wide variety of jobs are available within this interdisciplinary program and we encourage you to try a variety of work environments. Click on an area below to learn about the range of duties for each specialty.

Active Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy

  • Implement and supervise progressive exercise programs
  • Liaise with therapists to modify exercise programs for clients
  • Instruct and provide feedback to patients

Occupational Ergonomics

  • Assist in Ergonomics program development
  • Perform job demands analysis and functional evaluation testing
  • Develop and design recommendations to alleviate workplace ergonomic problems
  • Design safety education programs for workers

Biomedical Applications

  • Assess and analyze human gait & biomechanics
  • Design, recommend, and fit orthotics and prostheses
  • Exposure to 3rd party health care billing protocols


  • Engage in ongoing laboratory research projects
  • Recruit, interact, interview, and test patients in longitudinal studies 
  • Conduct literature reviews and be part of published articles 
  • Data collection and analysis

Health & Fitness

  • Design and deliver personal training programs
  • Coordinate special health and wellness events