Important Dates

Prospective Students: SPRING 2023

Computing Science has an optional Co-op program. You can apply after having completed 30 credits and before reaching 90 credits. To learn more about your eligibility, see the Prospective Students and FAQ page. You can also contact your Co-op coordinator.

Apply online at: no later than May 15, 2022 (Application deadline is always the 15th of the first month of each term: January 15, May 15, September 15)

If you don’t apply to the Co-op program by the above deadline then you will have to wait another semester to seek for a Co-op job.

New/Returning Students: Prep Semester is SUMMER 2022

The Co-op office will send Co-op students an email at the beginning of every term with instructions on how to self-enroll in the FAS Co-op Prep Canvas course. In order to receive this email you must be subscribed to the Co-op mailing list.

The FAS Co-op Prep Canvas course open enrollment periods are below:

  • Fall: September 1 – September 30
  • Spring: January 1 – January 31
  • Summer: May 1 – May 31 

You will work with your Co-op coordinator all term to ensure that you meet the requirements and are eligible to be released to seek Co-op jobs at the beginning of the following term.

All other important dates that you need to be made aware of will be in the Prep Canvas course.

Seeking Students: Seeking Semester is FALL 2022

Once you are released at the beginning of the term you will use the following weeks to apply to jobs on myExperience (or you can search for a Self-Directed Co-op) until you receive a job offer.

All important dates will be in the Seeking Canvas course.

Working Students: Working Semester is SPRING 2023

The start and end time of your Co-op job will typically correlate with the start and end of the semester.

All important dates will be in the Working Canvas course.