Important Dates

Prospective Students

Computing Science is an optional Co-op program. You can apply anytime you feel ready to embark on your Co-op journey. To learn more about your eligibility, see the Prospective Students and FAQ page. You can also contact your Co-op coordinator.

Apply online at: Applications are accepted on an on going basis.

New Students

You should be in the FAS Prep course within two weeks of being accepted into the Co-op program. There are no deadlines to meet in this course, but the prep requirements must be completed in order to move onto the next stage in the Co-op process which is SEEKING.

Seeking Students

Once you have completed the prep requirements and have been released to seek for Co-op jobs on myExperience, you will be able to see jobs in myExperience for all the semesters you are eligible to seek. At any given time, you may view and apply to jobs for multiple semesters as employers are starting to recruit more than 4 months in advance. 

Working Students

The start and end time of your Co-op job will typically correlate with the start and end of the semester.

All important dates will be in the Working Canvas course.