Welcome to the SIAT Co-op Program! Once your application to the SIAT Co-op Program has been accepted, you will have full access to myExperience, an online system where you can register for events, book appointments, apply for jobs, and schedule interviews. To prepare for job seeking, the mandatory next steps are:

1. Apply for Co-op Work Permit (for International Students only)

You will need to apply for a Co-op Work Permit, which is different from your off-campus work permit/study permit. This should be done as soon as possible it may take up to 3 months for application processing.

Click here to download the Co-op Work Permit Instructions. Email the completed form to to request a co-op letter.


The orientation session is a 1-hour introduction and orientation to SIAT's Co-op Program for SIAT students only. The orientation session is different from the general “Discover Co-op” sessions.

By the end of the workshop, you will receive the answers to your questions as well as the following:

  • What do I need to do to prepare for my first job search ("seeking") term?
  • How does the co-op office prepare students for work placements?
  • How should I plan my study and work semesters?

Click here for this term’s orientation session schedule.


BOL I is a two-week online course that helps you identify, describe and transfer your existing work, study, social, sports, arts, community, leadership, volunteer and life skills to the workplace. This self-paced course is offered regularly throughout the term and can be completed on your own time.

Click here for this term’s BOL schedule.

4. Attend the Workshops

There are three required in-person workshops (resume, cover letter, and interview skills) and one optional in-person portfolio workshop. These workshops are tailored for SIAT Co-op students, and our goal is to address your concerns, to explore current practices and ideas, and to provide a safe environment for feedback and revision.

Click here for this term’s workshop schedule. 

5. register for seeking preparation canvas course

This seeking preparation Canvas course contains instructions, descriptions, processes, and tips that prospective SIAT coop job seekers will need to understand and apply for a successful seeking term. All new and returning co-op students must complete the seeking preparation Canvas course for their corresponding target work term year. Registration for this course opens approximately six months prior to the first possible work term in the target year.

Click here for more information on the course schedule and the course registration link.

6. Revise your documents with a co-op advisor/coordinator

In order to gain access to job postings (i.e. be "released to seek"), new and returning prospective seekers must complete all of the seeking preparation Canvas course assignments and quizzes (including revisions).

You can communicate with a Co-op Advisor/Coordinator via Canvas, email or in person to gain feedback on your assignments. Try not to be discouraged if it takes a few revisions to reach the final draft! 

7. Continue to Add Experiences to Your Resume & Portfolio

In addition to academic projects, you can highlight your skills and abilities through displaying samples of your work as a volunteer and/or freelancer. Engage in self-led side projects and a variety of activities to build your knowledge, expand your network, and improve your self-confidence.