Do you stand out from the other students graduating? Have you already gained experience relevant to your field? Do you have an expertly crafted resume full of work experiences? Do you know how to write an amazing cover letter? Have you had so much interview practice that you are confident and ready to meet with any potential employer?

If you did Co-op, chances are the answer is YES.


For undergraduates, the best time to apply to Co-op is second year, first semester. If you are a transfer student or graduate student, aim to apply to Co-op in your first semester at SFU.

Undergraduates should remember to apply two semesters in advance of their first intended paid work semester.


The Co-op Timeline:

1. Preparation Semester

  • Apply to Co-op as early as first year
  • Pass B.O.L. 1 - a two week online course
  • Complete our resume, cover letter and interview workshops

2. Job Application Semester

  • Apply for jobs and review cover letters with your coordinators
  • Interview for jobs and complete mock interviews with cooordinators as needed
  • Complete B.O.L. 2 once you have secured your job

3. Working Semester

  • Complete work semester. Upon returning to SFU, begin alternating between work and study semesters until you have completed a minimum of three work semesters (or one for most graduate students)
  • Expect a site visit from your Co-op Coordinator
  • Complete work term report reflecting your growth and learning

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