Strategy 2: Survey Period Extension

November 21, 2023

“I would prefer to complete the surveys after the exam period. During the exam period I don't think the majority of people have time, or that’s not on their mind. After the exam period, that's typically when everything can be summed up and everything is finalized, and your whole experience is mostly concluded. So you can have more of a just idea of how you want to proceed with that survey.” 

- SFU Student #6*

We are piloting an extended survey period in collaboration with the participating departments. The goal is to measure the impact of survey period extension on response rate.

CES is typically available to complete during the last two weeks of classes. For Fall 2023, the survey will open on November 21st and close on December 5th. For the pilot, the participating departments will extend their survey period by:

  • 1 week - November 14th to December 5th, which does not include the final exam period, or
  • 2 weeks - November 21st to December 20th, which allows two additional days after the final exam period

Benefits of Extension:

  1. Increased Participation: Students get more time to complete surveys, increasing opportunities for participation.
  2. Reduced Survey Fatigue: Extending the survey period reduces fatigue from receiving multiple surveys within a short period of time.

Benefits of Including the Final Exam Period:

  1. Holistic Feedback: Including the exam period allows students to provide feedback on their whole learning experience including the final exam.
  2. Rich Reflection: Students expressed that completing the survey after the busy and high-stress period may allow them to have capacity to meaningfully reflect on their learning experience.

“I think after the exam period, when the stress level is not high anymore, and you feel like you have time, you can do [the surveys] right. People will be more inclined to do it too because you're not stressed out and they have the time.”

- SFU Student #9*

*Quote from a participant in the SETC Improvement Project